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October 17, 2012


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which begs the question, what is a common Swedish breakfast?


Where is my spoon? I want to dig in the jar straight away :-)

How do you teach your kids the days of the week? Let's start by allowing Nutella only at the weekend "Ooooh, Mummy, is it Saturday?" Or:"What day is it today Mummy?" "Sunday." "YEEEEEAAAAAH, we can have Nutelllaaaaaaaaaa"
Quotations from Middle Europe;)


Too bad it's Wednesday today. Posts like this should only be allowed on Weekends......


I can't speak for all Swedes of course but it's quite common to have oatmeal, sour milk with granola, crisp bread with cheese or cold cuts, egg, juice etc. We're not much of a donut, pancake, waffle breakfast eating nation, those are desserts to us.


When my daughter was a teenager, I went on a Nutella-buying "ban" after finding a new jar, nearly empty, at the side of the sofa, with a spoon in it!


How lucky are you to open your front door and find a basket of fresh bread and nutella. I too love that decadent chocolate hazelnut goodness.It's what made me put on the pounds years ago when I backpacked in Europe. I never grew up with nutella so when I first had it in a hostel it was love at first taste. I don't think there was a day after this where I didn't have my fingers in a nutella jar and I was traveling for 3 months :) Ah, those were the days.

michele double you

Oooohhhhhh, I never let Nutella in the house until we had a German exchange student last year (we're in California). Now, I have a third daughter, and a new addiction to keep under control. We bought Brotchen at a local German food shop, but she also ate it at home (in Germany) with a thick and dark bread to offset the sweetness. She would warm it in the microwave with a banana as an after-school snack here. I went through jars and jars. Totally worth it.


Oh I love Nutella, any time of day!


I couldn't have any sweet things for breakfast (or ever), grewing up with a very wholesome mum. So I intend to be more forgiving with my children. But the daughter is allergic to milk and can't eat it and the son doesn't much care for it! So I can't buy it because the only one eating is me... (and after 40 my waistline does not forgive excesses like that).


Omg, how can you not much care for it??? i think I need to spank some sense into August. With a nutella covered spreader.


Ah, yes, the spoon in the jar. Classic.


When I studied in Vienna I had Nutella for breakfast EVERY morning. I rarely have it now, but whenever I do it instantly takes me back to that magical semester I spent abroad.


I had to admit, I never tasted Nutella. But now I have to...:-)


...och på bröd från Brunkans! Kan det bli bättre än så?! (För min del är det jämnt skägg mellan brunkanbrödet och nutellan, om jag ska vara ärlig.)

April Sharman

I love Nutella with sliced banana on top!


Ciao! I'm Elena from Italy and read your blog e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e. day!
I'm so glad you like Nutella (have you ever tried it with crepes?)!
I hope you can come here, in Italy, and try our food, because we can have some problems but our food is the most amazing in the world! (sorry, but i'm proud to be italian!).


You must!


Oh, I love Italy. Haven't been to a lot of places, only Rome and Sardinia but it's so beautiful AND the food is so delicious!


I had to laugh - my German cousin introduced me to Nutella when it first came out there in the 70s, but we never had it at home (more bread and marmalade types.. ;o). Then I met my husband... he's a spoon-carrying Nutella fan! Now I can't buy the stuff because it disappears overnight and his waistline can't cope LOL The girls always liked it but it's been a special treat as they grew up, but I'm not all that bothered myself, as I'm not sold on chocolate taste. Caramel, on the other hand... creamy salted caramel from Brittany on crêpe...mmmmhhh.... !!!


Living in Germany you can find even nicer stuff than Nutella. A huge German drugstore (DM) runs its own organic food line and their kind of Nutella is divine. Less sweet, pure hazelnut cocoa bliss. The Samba spread from Rapunzel found in whole food markets is also amazing. They even offer spreads with almonds or other nuts than hazelnuts and dark chocolate. Never leave my partner nor me unattended with a jar of these things...


Okay, here's a question. In the US, they say Nutella like nut-ella (n-uh-t, ell-uh). Now I live in Japan, and they say it like new-tella (noo, tell-uh).

Which is correct?


What a delicious post! My daughter and I LOVE Nutella. We eat it with bread and crapes and my daughter eats it straight from the jar (sometimes). When she was 7-8, bread with Nutella was the only breakfast should would eat before going to school. These days, I can't say we have it very often, but we usually have a Nutella jar at home to use when we feel like having a bit of its goodness.


I was so surprised when I moved here to the Netherlands and saw how sugary their breakfast usually is! Sugar covered donuts. Bread with butter and CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES!? Bread with jam and Gouda cheese. And I thought American boxed cereals were bad! :)


Here is is noo-tell-a, stress on the e...
noo as in noon, tell as in tell and a as in a house (UK pronunciation)

I am craving a slice of bread and Nutella right now!


Over here we say nuh-tella stressing the e but since it's originally from Italy it's probably something like noo-tella stressing the oo and e and with a bit of waving the hands !?


I love Nutella, too. Can't have/buy it since I eat the entire jar (with a spoon) within a few hours. It is wonderful!


You should have been paid by the people who want us to eat more Nutella!

I'm from the Land of Dulce de Leche and there's no place in this town for two caramel looking, incredibly sweet and unashamedly caloric spreads... but nice try.


I have a culinary - dietetic aspirational list. So far I've ticked off having dinner ready by 8 pm (which is wildly early by local standards, where people usually sit to eat at 10 pm), and a reasonable meal rotation. Next is having a good breakfast, but I'm so lazy and the bed warmth in the mornings just smashes my will.


My daughter likes making a "snickers" sandwich: Nutella with peanut butter!


My daughter hate it ! And my husband (he's italian) works for Ferrero (the company producing Nutella). She prefers belgian chocolate spread (I'm belgian). So, as I receive a lot of Nutella for Christmas I have to give it to friends. I'll be happy to give it to you but I live in Mexico !
Thanks all for the free advertising ! ;-)

Bonne journée


How I understand you...
If you like Nutella, please try Nigella's Nutella Cheesecake - sugar in the recipe is not necessary and is great frozen instead of just chilled!
Totally indulgent...
Let me know if you want the recipe.
I will post a photo next week!



I am incredibly fond of the pure hazelnut spread I ate in Norway - Noette. So delicious, but I have never been able to find it here in the States. Nutella is good but Noette is, to my mind, even better.


Have you had the suikerbrood? It's Frisian. White bread baked with lumps of sugar in it. Not usually my cup of tea but it is really good. The sugar caramelizes - delicious!

My husband's family is Dutch and they all have incredible sweet tooths.

Lisa Flaherty

I "heart" Nutella, too! And that bread looks wonderful! My mother is from Germany, and her childhood friend would send us a Christmas package every year that included a jar of Nutella. Love that it is so readily available here in the States, now, and you can get a double pack of giant jars at Costco!


Nutella is awesome. I recently tried Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter. This stuff is pretty great as well - no Trader Joe's where I live, but I beseeched a friend in Texas to mail a jar to me. :-)


sour milk... like a liquid yogurt, or kifer?


I'm totally addicted to this at the moment, it's getting out of control! I like having with banana on top! I think I'll go pop some toast on now...

Account Deleted

Ohhhhh i love Nutella with banana! I just dip a banana in the jar and eat :)


Yes, somewhere along those lines!


Mmm, I googled it :). Thank you!


A great Nutella-blog is http://bellanutella.com/!:)


Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn had a recipe for Hot Baked Nutella and Cream Cheese Sandwiches, OMG


Not health food, but worth it once in a while.


I know!! My children are strange sometimes. I allow them to eat suger cereals if they want (a big NONO when I was a child) but they prefer allbran... August actually did like nutella when he was younger, but one day just "grew" out of it (didn't know you could). It's so unfair - I love peanut butter and nutella and would like if I could use my children for an excuse to buy them! (but on the other hand I would probably be more fluffy if I did...)


I didn't realize it was Italian! I had it in my head that it was Swedish. Learn something new every day.


Mmmm...nutella on a toast with som melted butter underneath and som cheese on top!!


Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies – Recipe:


Without the !:) at the end!


i read you from Nutela's city: Alba, Italy.





i cannot keep nutella in the house because i will walk by the pantry 10 - 20 times with a spoon in hand to scoop up that deliciousness all day long. i can only hope that the walking trips to the pantry burn the scoops of nutella calories eaten...or i am in trouble.


If you love Nutella and icec ream you should try the nutella Ice cream in Switzerland (Lugano). We went there this summer and the ice cream there is delicious, especially the nutella icecream.
Have a nice weekend!


I don't like Nutella, but have lived with somebody who ate Nutella almost daily. I prefer the version with more haselnuss, the one from organic shop.


And I agree with nicolezh.
Chocolate on bread is probably this:


I eat something like this 1-2 a year (prefer cheese and ham for breakfast), but then this brand:



Please try a version without palm oil! Nutella I was an addict but I tried a bio version and now I cant eat Nutella again! You could try to make your own nutella, lot of recipes on internet better for your health!


Hi i really like the storage jars you have in the picture, the white lid ones , can u tell me where you got them please. thanks, nicola


There are a couple of links in comments to this post of where you can find them: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2012/05/organizing-the-pantry.html

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