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November 05, 2012


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Lorna from Atlanta

Looking sharp and crisp. What lens length are you using?

Lorna from Atlanta

Umm, focal length...


From what I can see of Anne's place, I hope you "crash" her home and post a tour!


Super nice shots! Great camera!! Please do share which lens etc you used, I will now go peek at the older post more carefully ;)


Except for the top photo wher I used the old camera I used the 50 mm 1:1.4 lens.

Yazmak İyidir

Crazy cute photo of Mini, behind the shower curtain. Made my Monday morning :)


LOVE your photos :-)
I'm still thinking about our visit in sweden. Can't believe it's getting dark at 3:50 PM. In I srael it's getting dark at 16:50 and it feel terrible. So I can't imagine another hour and half of darkness. How do you manage ?


I know, it's terrible but we do get really long days during summer when it's only a few hours of darkness to make up for it I guess :). The worst part is not getting much done after work because it feels like it's really late and you should go to bed and the realise it's only 6 pm...


so clear! i hadn't realised it wasn't before. like when the optimetrist shows you 20/20. how nice.

xx elisa


Oh, Mini and Bonus (and Jerry too!) - you're all so, so sweet <3

Love the Halloween letter!! Usch han dreglar :D


Love love cats photos! :-)) And Jerry LOL, what a face!


I can't stop looking at the photos from your new camera.


Oh! Anne productions proudly presents... my but!! :)


Dear April, you would be horrified. I am NOT as organized as Benita. And also it is very small so it would not be a "tour" as much as a question of wide angle lens... ;)


I know, he's so handsome as is his Burma brother O'boy.


Ah, is that what it says. Wille and I weren't quite sure. Ha, go figure we'd need a profesional translater to figure it out :).


Love the kitty pics. The ones of Bonus and Mini made me smile and go "Awwww". The photo of Jerry made me LOL, really! He looks grumpy, which is so funny to me.

Fantastic photos, Benita.


Your photos taken with the new camera are so crisp and clear. I'm not wearing my glasses, so if they are that sharp to me, your new lens must be really good.


I increased the size a little bit too as a celebration so it's probably a combo of the two, but yes, they are sharper. Yay!


Ha ha! I also got lots of practice deciphering "interesting" handwriting in my former life as a secretary, so that might have helped too :)

K @ Shift Ctrl ART

LOVE the new photos. So clear and crisp. Nice Bokeh too :) Looks really great. Yay!

Fröken Fräken

Welcome to the northern part of Sweden, where it´s even darker in the winter... During December-January we might have sun between 11:00 AM - 13:00 PM. And that´s if you live south of the arctic circle! In like Kiruna the sun is never seen above the horizon for that same period of time.
But in the summer, we have the wonderful midnight sun, the sun is up all day, and all night. The memory of that is what keep us up!


your tulips r amazing and so are your kitties :D


Oh Benita, I am absolutely desperate for a new camera (and to take a class to learn how to use it), but I can't justify the expenses right now. Of course I have 2 very dark, all black kitties. Now your pictures have always been so great, but what a difference on the pictures of Mini, Bonus, and Jerry! You can see all of their features so clearly!!!! Is it wrong to justify the expense of a new camera because I need to capture kitty expressions better? :)


I know exactly how you feel! I've been putting off getting a new camera for quite a while because it's such a huge expense. In the end I figured that considering how much I use it every day and probably will for years to come it's worth it. AND I can get good shots of Bonus who is so tricky to take photos of :).


Oooooh, lens envy ;-).
Benita's 366 project: The Feline Edition. All three kitties are lovely, but my heart belongs to Bonus.


My cat hides behind the shower curtain too. Cutest thing ever.

Account Deleted

Heya Jerry! You are good looking too!

Claire/Just a little less

Beautiful photos - love the cosy socks too :)


i see cats from all countries love to hide in the shower curtain! so cute...my cats adore playing between the curtains and in the tub hiding and seeking!


I've only recently begun reading your blog, and I'm really enjoying it.

But today's post struck me because -- your cats (3rd and 4th photos) are doppelgangers for my 2 cats!

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