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November 12, 2012


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I am loving the portrait shots, I am so used to seeing photos in landscape ever since I started 365 back in 2009 :)

Claire/Just a little less

Love the Amaryllis, Benita. Wouldn't it be nice to be Mini and stay home on a favourite blanket rather than face work? Have a great week xo


Nice pics - especially of Wille and your cats. :-)


I just started a series like 365 on my own blog and shared a link with yours ... you can check it out at http://www.carrement-marteau.com/hebdorama-1/ ... long time reader but first time commenter ... I really like what you share here and your style. Take care !


Your Wille is a handsome guy. How did those no-wash jeans work out? I've been wondering about them.

April Sharman

Your cats must be best friends. They are so sweet!


It's lovely seeing Wille grow up through your photos and comments, this week's picture really shows a young man, and not a boy any more. Have a good week, we are having rain on the south coast, but still quite warm. (UK)


For some reason I don't like to shoot landscape much. I guess it's got to do with the images turning up so small on the blog.


That would be nice!


Good luck with your project!


Still haven't washed them, but have placed them in the freezer to "clean" them and air them out on the balcony on a regular basis!


This is one of the rare occasions that they're actually together. They mostly each do their own thing. When they ARE together I run for the camera to catch the moment :).


I know, it's unbelievable that he's all grown up already!


Wille, WOW! No longer a boy, but a handsome young man.
Mini - looking so cute bundled up :-).

Mickey@EuroAmerican Home

Your TP picture (and mostly your comment)made me chuckle. I guess I'm so used to seeing white in your home that I hadn't even noticed all the TP supply.


Willie's such a handsome young man. Time really flies, doesn't it?

To me, it looks like Bonus is telling Mini something that she finds irritating. Look at her annoyed ears.

That's probably just me, though, because I believe that cats can talk. :)


Not sure if a blog comment will hold much water with Wille, but tell him the shorter haircut is very handsome and grown-up! 8-)


Ok -- silly comment -- but I love the TP photo. Everyone in the blogosphere tries to fancy-up that household necessity. You have simply stacked it neatly, right where it's needed. Well done!


My cats wake me up also early on weekends :-(, I hate that since I am really dead the whole day afterwards. Then wehn I am awake, had breakfast and a shower they snuggle to sleep!

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