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November 19, 2012


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Claire/Just a little less

Yummy food. Cat man looks like he's guarding his cat cave :)


I love that cup - and of course I have to Google that condition, haha! :-)


I'm still feeling the effects of the last time I googled trypophobia :/


I Googled trypophobia before you said not to! And now I'm hungry from looking at your yummy food photos!


The cups are lovely! Too bad you have to hide them. I am sorry Wille has this condition, hope it doesn't bother him to much.


Miss Minie! What a sexy look today! Made me think of Ertha Kitt :-).


of course I had to googled it...and now I'm sick to my stomach! oh ohh


Hm, kan faktiskt relatera till detta med de små hålen..tex kronärtskocka får många små hål när man tagit bort bloman och ska få fram hjärtat. En av de läskigaste maträtterna jag vet..

Och, är det en specialare på lussekatterna? Jag gjorde en variant med mandelmjöl och sötningsmedel förra året som blev helt ok. Vill du dela med dig av receptet?


Had to google it of course. Wish I hadn't looked at the pictures!
Lovely cups though


trypophobia... It has a name!!! and I have it.


He's pretty ok with it and doesn't really come into contact with or avoids those types of textures. Unless his sweet mama brings them right onto his face in the kitchen...


Det där är lustigt för Wille älskar kronärtsskocka! Men jag förstår precis vad du menar för jag är också lte äcklad av bottnen och brukar snabbt släta över med kniven.

Bullarna är enligt ett vanligt lusse recept med enda skillnaden att jag kavlat ut som kanelbullar och brett på lite extra smör och socker. Missade dock att köpa pärlsocker. Jag äter dock inga utan de är till Wille oh ev gäster i advent :).


huh, you learn something everyday! As soon as you said not to google, I had to.


Hello! Just an idea about the buns' crazy shape: I've looked at the reciepe and maybe the salt should be added after flour because yeast doesn't like the contact with salt wich unactivate it in some way...
Have a Nice day


That's weird that so many people are upset by naturally forming holes/pockets. Another phobia I don't have, I guess. ;) (I do get anxious when opening biscuit cans, ha ha.)


Oh no! I didn't finish reading the sentence about trypophobia and totally googled it. I wish i didn't !


It took me literally months to get past it. I had to repeatedly reassure myself that most of the worst pictures are faked. Whew!

Lisa Flaherty

Totally! I think I've developed psychosomatic trypophobia! Eek!


Mmmm, pancakes. Do you usually serve it with some kind of syrup or do you use jam? In Canada it is usually served with maple syrup, and it is even better if you can get it directly from the producer, (our school librarian makes it every year and sells it to who ever is interested.)


I had no idea there was a name for it, or, perhaps more accurately, hadn't wanted to subject myself to what I might find. However, since I went there, I mostly experience this when confronted with the image of those frogs/toads that bury themselves for extended periods of time during drought and then hatch their young from pockets on their backs. ICK....
So love your site, but so uncomfortable right now. Logging off... (but I'll be back. Of course.)


Wille likes them with jam. So do I but since I'm cutting carb I don't eat any.


I looked it up on Urban Dictionary so I didn't have to look at any images, just in case. Didn't need to worry! Not a phobia of mine.


Great comments today!!!

Anna Bazhaw-Hyscher

Oh, how terrible! Poor Wille! I've never heard of this... Wikipedia says it's the second-most common phobia amongst South African women, behind the fear of wooden objects... and after seeing the pictures on google, I don't want to look that one up.
I like all of the cups. Do you have any luck washing sheepskins?


That's what I have. I remembered when I was young and saw those small shellfishes clinging onto the big wooden beams while waiting for the arrival of Star ferries. I just hate those images. Now I know why and what it is. Thank Benita :)


I have only washed the Ludde I have from IKEA and didn't like how it came out although I did brush it after. The others I have I shake, vacuum and air out.

Johanna - Apartment 1302

I'm really gonna try to make that granola, it looks so delicious! By the way, my dog steals my spot all the time, I think it's because it's warm :)


Hey Benita! I re-read your earlier granola post as well (Sept 12/12 I think) and a reader named Kathy submitted a low carb pancake recipe..very similar ingredients..don't know if that particular recipe worked well for you?


Ooh, must have missed that. Will go back and check immediately!


Now I see I didn't miss it but completely forgot! Will jot it down right away. Love pancakes!

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