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November 26, 2012


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Rattling On

I have a similar tiny green dino on my desk at work! I love Stockholm Old Town, when I visited I went there every day just to walk around and admire.


Oh You can so count me in concerning the old town prospect. We could all live in walking distance - and take turns to host wine-drinking-talking-evenings. Sweat dream.


Mr. Dinosaur made me laugh out loud! What a cute surprise :)

And I agree 100% about Gamla Stan. I'm in no way a city person but when we're there I just walk around imagining how cool it would be to live in one of those gorgeous buildings along the cobbled streets.


Sunflower seed sprouts as a midnight snack ;-) (0:06, 31 on the clock).
I like your Old Town, looks a bit like ours (Warsaw). A nice Sunday shot of domesticity.


Actually that's a timer. Six minutes until Wille' rice was done :)


Nice pics, love your disco ball! :-D


I love the last view of your living room. It's an angle we don't seem to see often.

K @ Shift Ctrl ART

Love a good disco ball. That picture of Gamla stan is awesome. I have never been there, but it has the same vibe that I love about some parts of Copenhagen :)

Michelle of Montreal

That is the most fabulous photo of Anne (?) and Gamla Stan. I can't believe another year is almost over though. I've been loving the 366 project.


That's Sanna :)
And yes, only another few weeks to go! I'll prodably do a project next year too but maybe not a daily photo. Perhaps a weekly collage?


Wonderful post! I find these days that I'm going straight to CHEZLARSSON.COM after I finish my online obligations. It's very restful and inspiring--and not at all related to the end of civilization or the planet. Love the disco ball! Wish I had one! There must be one for sale somewhere in this huge metro area! I've been thinking of music for my birthday open house, and I used to have this pink record from the 1980s: "Baby I'm Burnin'," disco version, by Dolly Parton. I'm laughing as I type this. What a gas that would be with the disco ball turning!!


Why is there a pretzel hanging on what looks like a pipe in Gamla Stan?!


There's a café in that building so it's an advertising sign :)

Lisa Flaherty

Lovely! I have urban-living dreams, and Gamla Stan looks wonderful. I enjoyed your post last year about the Christmas Market, and wondered if you would be going again this year. :)

Mickey@EuroAmerican Home

What could you have possibly ordered to get a miniature dinosaur? :)

Also, neat pretzel there!


I ordered a photo gadget at Photojojo so it was totally unexpected :)

Mickey@EuroAmerican Home

Ok, curiosity satisfied.

Marcia M

LOL, who is doing the push-ups? Mini & Bonus?


Hi, Benita!

I have been reading your blog for about half ayear now and Inreally enjoy the way of life you deliver: it has got me to appreciate my own home in a new way- and to learn to feel comfortable just at home : )

My I ask about the grey sweater you have in some photos; what brand is it? I am looking for a sweater to wear at home but cannot find appropriate: thick enough, maybe with lycra, and the colour should be gray.

Nice christmas waiting time for you and your son!


Ah, could you be a little bit moe specific? Which post did you see it in? My wardrobe consists of nothing but but grey (and black...) sweaters :)


Haha, they're actually looking at me wondering what I'm doing on the floor :)


I adore Gamla Stan!

Claire/Just a little less

Dinos and disco balls rock :) Have a great week xo


I meant the sweater for example on November 20 and the pullover/tunic on September 20. Your gray shades suit you so well : )


Oh sorry, it was on September 25 photo.


Hi, I love the postage stamp print in the last photo! Where did it come from?


It's a vintage find http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2012/09/sverige-5-re.html I also have a red one för double the postage, 10 öre :).


Great Idea with push ups (or sit ups) during commercial breaks. I will start practicing it my self.

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