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November 29, 2012


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So beautiful and so true Scandinavian design.
What a nice way to start my day :-)

Don't your friends mind seeing their private items presented in a public blog? Imalways meant to ask that concerning Wille, too. Do you ask him before each single post that features him or did you set once what is ok to show and write and where then,imits are?
Sorry, too early to write less complicated;)))


I asked Sanna for permission and I always check with Wille too.


I love collections of glass items. The white and turquoise especially look really nice.
I would not mind having wine in those setting either.


...and she obviously has an eye for presenting her finds beautifully, too!
How cool to find a magazine with your mom on the front - even if she knew her mom had a career as a model when she was young, that is too exciting to just come across her like that!! Mind you, I would get excited about most old magazines, even without a family connection...


Sanna´s got a taste for good wine as well!

- a fan from the Rheingau in Germany


Underbar bild på Sannas mamma, lika vacker som dottern! Och vilka fina fynd - underbara arrangemang.


What a beautiful mum,
but how young is
your friend Sanna?????
ciao, Antonella


Part of Sanna's family's from there!


We're the same age!

Dana from CT

Lovely! I feel like I had a nice visit with Sanna too. That is an interesting name: is it a short nickname or is that a common name in Sweden?

LOVE the magazine cover of her mother. Beautiful and what a fun find!


It's a common nick name for Susanna :)


YOU YOUNG GIRLS !!!!!!!!!!


I also love that 1960’s image of a mother and her baby - is it by a well known (Swedish?) graphic artist??

Debbie from Chicago

I was nine years old in 1969, my 23 year old daughter would love that outfit. Thanks for the peek into your friends home.


And how cool with Sanna's mom on the magasine!!


I asked Sanna and she says it says "Rafela" in one corner. So probably not Swedish or even Nordic. I tried to Google but couldn't find anything I'm afraid.


Thanks for checking and asking Sanna. There is just something familiar with the style... If I find out, I shall let you both know :)


It reminds me of another illustrator called Walsh Anglund if I remember correctly who illustrated little cute mini books. Probably quite typical for that era which is why it feels so familiar :).


Your pictures are looking beautiful! You've become a pro at that camera.


Nope - not her for me. It's something about those sharp angles on the faces... :)


Some real lovely pieces there!


This just further proves that everyone in Sweden is a model. Or at least related to a model.

Love the collections!


As much as I like your blog....Sanna's taste is much more like my own. I love Vintage and collecting. I love her idea of collecting certain colors....I may have to steal that one!


Oh, thank you but I'm still learning and constantly checking the instruction book. I do love that I can now take photos even when it's quite dark. They do turn out grainy but so much better than what I was used to.


It must have been a great moment for Sanna to find a magazine with her mom on the cover! I like the bonbon tin too.
Thank you Sanna for sharing your collections with us.


I really like that you can appreciate and celebrate a style that's so different from your own, Benita. Thanks for this post!


Oh, you enjoyed a white wine from the winery Künstler located in Hochheim am Rhein in the famous German wine-growing district Rheingau. Funny to see, because the Rheingau is part of my home region the Rhine-Main area.


Merry Christmas! I adore the bob bob tin--do you know the maker? Love your blog!!!


...bon-bon... :)


I'm afraid I don't know the maker but I'll ask Sanna if there are any marks and let you know later!


Sanna reports that it says "Pascall Karameller" on a blue label at the bottom of the tin!


Thanks so much and happy new year, Benita!

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