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November 28, 2012


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Sweet! I am muuuuuuuuch older than Wille and love my advent calendar. Lovely start in the mornings at the darkest time of the year.


I always get a scout advent calendar and I'm 30. I understand the need to make one to cheer up your son.
I see you also have a calendar candle

Helen | Living Longingly

I love this idea! Especially because I don't really like eating chocolate in the morning...


How smart. Thaks. I will keep it in mind when my kids are teenagers!


I have a twenty-four year old and a twenty-one year old and they still expect me to drop off their advent calendar filled with their December goodies!


Happy to hear I'm not the only one :)


I'd like to postulate that we ALL need an advent calendar, even if there is only one small candy for each day. It's the pleasure of anticipation and surprise, no matter how little.

Debbie from Chicago

My kids are 20 and 23 and they still enjoy getting an Advent calendar. I really like your idea for Wille.


Mysmamma, det måste vara du det :) Det är klart att man får vara "barn" länge, det var vi också från 6:e dec (Nikolaus) till julafton. Det var hur mysigt som helst.


The Kids are never to old for an Advent calendar. My daughter is 19years old and she asked last week: mum, don´t forget my decembergoddies! In my heart im still a little girl...and i´mglad that i can. like you, think about a nice idea to create a calendar. I´ll save your idea for the next year in my mind! Thank you!
Have a nice day!

Flying Blind

Good luck Willie!


Great idea! And good luck, Wille!!

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