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November 22, 2012


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Claire/Just a little less

The bench looks right at home in your hallway. The bins look great and I like the shape. I can't believe they're cardboard - they look studier than that!


What a great place to keep the back pack and tote bag.
I just love the longboards on the wall.


Great bins under the bench.

Lisa Flaherty

I love that the bins roll out from underneath--so convenient! But what REALLY has me amazed is that the bench is a PERFECT fit between the edge of the door mat and the power outlet on the other side! You are magic!


Love the bench and bins, but it just blows my mind how UNCLUTTERED your place is! Wonderful!


Love the bins, we're actually thinking of redecorating our entry and I think a similar bench would be perfect! Thanks for posting!!

Sam @ lifeinsamsbox.blogspot.com


Great place for bench and great bench "makeover".

The shoes placed like this http://chezlarsson.com/.a/6a00e55224287c8833017d3ddddc03970c-pi, would be the most of the time somehow in my way...I am for shoes in a cabinet.


It looks so neat and practical - perfect! How did you hang the longboards? I have been looking for some kind of special hook so I can do something similar but the only one I found didn't work well at all.


Here's a post on how I did it at the old house and then I took it with me over here :http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2010/07/hanging-the-longboards.html


Hi Benita,

The entry way looks amazing and you're so right about the dipped white of the legs looking better against your floors. I wondered where your coat/hat rack was from? You've probably mentioned it in previous posts but I am relatively new to your blog (and obsessively checking in every day!) so any info would be great!


It's from Design House Stockholm: http://www.designhousestockholm.com/collection/furniture/wave_hanger.html


Thanks Benita. Wonder if they ship to Australia .... will check!


I checked and there are some stores in Australia! http://www.designhousestockholm.com/stores/australia.html


I meant the sweaters for example on November 6 & 20 photos : )

I have also noticed light gray to suit me as I feel I do not need that much make up when wearing lighter clothes.

Would also be glad to hear about your dark grey pullover/tunic in the picture when you have organized your closet.


The one from Nov 20 is a super cheap buy from Primark in London. I think it was £2.50! I got two and wish I'd gotten more because the quality is surprisingly good.

The one feom Nov 6 is this metallic one from Cos http://www.cosstores.com/Store/Women/Tops/Metallic_jumper/46885-1323837.1#c-3986574 I wear it on Fridays at work to celebrate the upcoming weekends :)I love that it's like a plain crew neck sweatshirt with a festive twist.

The one I wear on Sep 25 (if that's the one you mean) is a solid fave of mine. Or actually four solid faves because when I love I buy in bulk. It's from Gina Tricot but from a couple of years ago and SADLY no longer available or I would buy their whole stock. It's my no 1 favorite thing to wear at home on weekends with black leggings.


Oh you are too sweet! Thank you! ;)


Tack så mycket : )
I see you also do some shoppings that are not so expensive in money but in every day use. The big problem is, that all shops are so full of everything that I get exhausted in wandering around and it also takes soooo much time to click and double click on web shop pages. I wish I had some kind of pre-investigator, who knew my taste and suggested the best buys: )

Ok, I continue hunting new favourite tops and tunics - in grey!


Hi Benita,

The entry looks amazing - espacially with this wonderful lamps on the ceiling -i love them!!! Could you tell me where the lamps are from? Any info would be wounderful - maybe its possible to get them also in Austria (this little country in the middle of the alps)!

Thank you for your blog its inspireing!


The lights are Stratos by Belid http://www.belid.se/shop/12637---p%202833%20stratos/

Ich liebe Österreich! Ich war vielmals in Wien und Klagenfurt als ich dort früher Familie gehabt habe :)


Wow! Du sprichst "Österreichisch" - toll!
Even better than my english ...

Thank you for your massage and a wounderful weekend to you!
Like your style, blog and your courage in "diy" (i´m impressed)!

Yours Gini

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