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November 20, 2012


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May / amycapdet

Wow, wide-angle images of the rooms! The photos are great, Benita, and so is your home. Have a nice day!

Marcia M

Love the new pictures Benita! And i think there is something going on with the TypePad bc i couldn't enter via FB, it's sending me to eveywhere but here, lol.

Lisa Flaherty

Lovely! Great photos and perspective! Love the photo of you!


How odd! Hope they fix it soon!

Ela from Blackforest

"A house is just a house, if Wille, Mini and Bonus are happy and content there." ...just for that I like you!!!

LG Ela from Blackforest


The depth of field in this picture is wonderful.


Hi! Your house is lively. I ran into your blog last week and just had to read lots of past posts.
I was curious to see Wille's floor since there aren't that many pictures of it.
You make me want to visit Sweden.
Thanks for sharing.

Jules Means

This has nothing to do with anything, but I just had to say that I love your gray shirt. I have 8 exactly like it all from The Gap (except yours has the most excellent CUFFS which they don't have anymore...). They are my uniform and I have them in two sizes. I have to admit I branched out a bit and got several white ones this year, too... ;) - Jules

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