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November 21, 2012


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They look great. I'm running a clay workshop with some people soon and you have given me a great idea - thanks a million.



May / amycapdet

So cute!!!

K @ Shift Ctrl ART

Love your drawings on these.


Love the expression on their face. And the clothes. You draw well.


Mr Clay is more advanced than my husbond, who is using gaffatape for mending ;-)


Underbara!! Måste, måste, måste till Panduro nu!


Seriously super cute - maybe you should change your profession to clay creator! :-)


Kjempekule!:o) Fikk lyst til å prøve! (men jeg er ikke så flink til å tegne som deg da...;o))

Edit Omars

Love It! Need to do something like this with my older daugther :)


Those are so wonderful! I love them!

Die Rabenfrau

So cute! Thank you for sharing!

Bibiana Silveira

love them! those characters are wonderful! congrats


Oh my goodness - she can DRAW too!! Is there anything you can't do? I actually grew up with a Mr. and Mrs. Clay across the street, but they were nowhere near as cute as these two. This post moved me from 0% to 100% wanting to try that clay. Here I come, Panduro!


Your talent is never-ending!!!

Marcia M

Your drawings are so cute :) You truly are an artist!
And i think the problem i had yesterday was just TypePad security measures, so now i'm using this account ( i was marcia lavanda before).


Oh, these are the cutest Christmas ornaments! They were cute plain, they are AWESOMESAUCE like this.

You have fab drawing skills, for sure. :)



Foo @ foobella designs

Benita! I am in love with Mr. And Mrs. Clay! I just bought some sculpey clay and this has given me such inspiration! Thank you!


These brought a smile to my face this morning!! The drawings are wonderful and so fun!!


You did a really great job!! So cute!

Sarah Stäbler

Love these! You draw well! They have such character!


Oh fantastic!!!

Julia [lifeonchurchill]

awesome! the kids and i made salt dough ornaments last weekend. excited for Christmas!


So cute! You're really talented! :)


ha ha!

Lisa Flaherty

Adorable! You are such an artist! I envisioned you leaving Mr. and Mrs. Clay as white silhouettes, but they even cuter than I imagined! Love them! (Mr. Clay wouldn't have to mend his trousers so haphazardly if Mrs. Clay would quit paying grab-ass for just. one. minute! Look at her! Poised and ready to pinch again!! Lol!)

Michelle of Montreal



I know, she's so cheeky!


Haha, I've known Martin to use a stapler :)


Benita, Mr. & Mrs. Clay are so adorable! It is amazing to see the transformation from plain clay cutouts to the cute couple. Thanks for sharing, it inspires me to be more crafty this winter season!

Claire/Just a little less

Adorable... and I love the greenery against your ultra white background xo


oh cute.... what a nice idea!!! *like*


Adorable!!! Love the illustrations!


Very nice! (:

Anna Bazhaw-Hyscher

Brilliant. I like them.
Have you seen this? The Celotocaulis pillow made me do a double-take at first:



Yes, I did see that this morning :)


Oj, vad fina!

Anna, Sydney

Blown. Away.

Vanessa (The VMCA)

After your first post about this amazing white clay from Panduro - I was so excited to see that they offer UK shipping - and *hold your breath* a catalog! So I ordered one, but I'm still waiting for it :( boo hoo!

emilie aka la marmotte

Mr and Mrs Clay are really funny ! love the dress ;-)


Jösses, är ett tråkigt gammalt uttryck, jag vet. Men det var det enda jag kom på när jag insåg att du kan teckna - också. Suck. Varför får en del så många talanger och lämnar så få kvar till oss andra...? :)

Urtjusigt är ett annat ord som jag just kom på!


Anna Lysander

Love how they turned out! Wonderful drawings too! Where did you get the cookie cutters from?


They're vintage. I got them from Martins aunt many years ago when she was downsizing.


So sweet with all the details front and back!

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