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November 06, 2012


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Oh I love the idea of two fixed lenses, cannot wait to see more of your photos with it :)

Tina Rawatta

Wonderful first tries! Love how your living room turns out with this lens! Can't wait to see more!!!

Alexandra Gruber

Hi Benita, your new camera is great.
I love the lense from the picture of Mini. It looks so cosy!
And thanks for your explanation. Now i will save my money for a new lense for my old Canon... i hope it fits ;)
Have a nice week, greetings Alex


Wow, I get a much better sense of your space with the wide angle. Lovely!


I LOOOOOOVE THE WIDE ANGLE photo of your room! YEY!!! Thanks. More please :)


Lens envy second day in a row ;-). Very happy for you that you have new "toys" to play with. Looking forward to more great photos.
Pinning the living room!


The 24mm lens is fabulous! I bought the Canon 550D which is lighter than yours and much cheaper but tests have shown that image quality is very similar. I found that investing in good fixed lenses makes all the difference.


This post makes me want a new camera!!

Liz H.

I just ordered a mirrorless camera: Olympus E-PM1 mini, and a prime lens for it. It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow, and I.cannot.wait. Your photos are goregous--kudos!

Lisa Flaherty

Beautiful! I am not a photographer, amateur or otherwise, but I am a picture taker and a lover of beautiful photographs. Looking forward to more lovelies from your new baby! And a question: is the photo of Mini achieved with the focal length of your new lens, or did you use editing software to blur the background and leave her face so crisply focused? Or perhaps, both? Thank you!

Mickey@EuroAmerican Home

I don't know much about cameras, but that is one heck of a living room.

Dana @ Bungalow'56

Oh Benita... now I want one too. After seeing your living room photo I immediately looked up your lens. I wish I had chosen that over a prim lens. I might just start picking up my camera again with this one.


It's all the focal length which is what I love so much. This was set at the largest aperture 1.4 and using auto ISO and auto focus focusing on Mini's sweet little face :). I took it quite late in the evening and love how un-grainy it turned out with that high ISO. With the old camera if I set it at ISO 800 it got super grainy immediately.


Lovely! your living room is quite surprising! who knew/?

Noga from Israel

What a great and useful big heavy thing....
You are so talented, I can't wait to see your pics....

Robyn :)

Very cool! I love the kitty picture :)


I've been following your blog for YEARS, check it daily, and I can say that these pictures are FANTASTIC! Congrats on the great new camera! :)


The photo's are great! Love the photo of your living room!


wow. that evening shot is amazing! i can't believe how crisp and full of light it is. i have serious camera envy. it's so hard to capture good blog shots in the winter in england - it's all shadows and weak grey light! i tried to capture a vase of ornamental cabbages yesterday (at 11am in the morning) - it looks like i took it at night (http://www.byebyebirdie.co.uk/sewlattedoughblog/2012/11/6/say-it-with-cabbages.html). time to start saving up i think!!

(by the way - it's lovely to finally stitch together all those lovely snapshots of your living space into one wide shot - gives such a great insight into how your home really looks. i love it!)


oops broken link! http://byebyebirdie.squarespace.com/sewlattedoughblog/2012/11/6/say-it-with-cabbages.html

Erin Kleider

The cat photo is absolutely amazing. I love, love, love the focus. You should frame it.

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