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November 23, 2012


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I love this song too! What a great sound they have.
All the best to them with their debut album.


Very cute! I wish them the best of luck!
What does the song name mean?


SommarfÄgel = Summer bird /bird of summer


Always good music from Sweeden! Klem fra Norge

Claire/Just a little less

Mesmerising sound - love the styling and animation too. They deserve success.
Happy Friday xo


Wow!! How cool of you to post this - I'm sure the guys will appreciate the PR :). Glad you liked it so much.

And Happy Weekend to you too!


I love it! It's great to see that an old fashioned instrument like the accordion can be cool again. I like the animation too.
My daughter (15) is learning to play drums and loves Harry Potter. I have to show this video to her.
All the best to the young musicians! So much talent. Hope they do well.


This was lovely! Thank you so much for sharing it!

Tina Rawatta

How cools that music! Something complete different definitely watching out for the album! Love this song too!!!

Helane N

So lovely! Thanks for sharing.




Wonderful music! Will it be available online? Thanks for sharing.


I assume so. I'd keep an eye out for them on Spotify or iTunes in January/February!


I LOVE the video and I LOVE the music. I will buy it the minute it is available to us in the States! Thanks for the share.

Lisa Flaherty

Very cool! They have a great sound and interesting mix of instruments. Love the nod to Harry Potter, too! ;)

Laurie Wilder

Love it! I love that they have uniforms too! Beautiful music! Thanks for sharing.


I LOVE the all white drum set :)


This video is so pretty cool! I had to post it on my blog with link to yours. Thanks for sharing. :)


I LOVE this song & so does my husband. Quite a rarity in our house for both of us to like the same music. We'll be buying this when it comes out. Thank you so much for sharing.


Oh i love this. We're having a strangely scandinavian day today and this is the perfect track to get us in the mood!(annual trip to IKEA, then off to a Scandi Christmas Market this afternoon). Have a lovely weekend too Benita x


Really enjoyed the video. I have followed your blog for a few months, and love it. Thank you so much Benita.


Thank you for sharing! Great music!

Amy @Five Kinds of Happy

What an awesome song! They are soo talented! Love that beat! :)

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