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November 27, 2012


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I hope the wake-up light works well for you. We have similar and it sort of works. I wake up when it lights, but because I can also sleep when it's light I tend to fall asleep again and when the alarm wakes me I'm again really tired. I should get up when I wake up the first time, but I like sleeping :)


Do you have to pay taxes in Sweden for sponsored blogs? We do in Norway!
I think I need this wakeup light but the price is way over my personal budget! Which is really sad. Maybe I have to blog about such stuff and not about my hobby scrapbooking, ;)


Thank you for this tip- I am easy in getting up. I simply use my cell to wake up and sneak out of the bedroom because my partner gets up 2,5 h later than me. He has a hard time waking up as he is a night person and so mornings come too quickly. He uses a radio controlled clock which has the most unpleasent sound and a really difficult usage. So the Phillips would be an upgrade. The problem are the nasty cats. They love to throw cellphones, books and my partners alarm clock from the nightstand, so I wonder if the Phillps would survive that?


You are In for a treat! And you will nerver go back to any other alarm! Our is the first they made - love the birds singing In the morning - and my husband says he's allmost over his winterdepression. The Best alarm In the world! Just saying!


Yes, there are a number of rules that you need to follow when accepting free items as a blogger!


It's quite sturdy and relatively heavy and Bonus does likes to trample all over me and everything around me at night. So far so good! My bedside table has a rim though which prevents stuff from sliding off so easily which may help.


I tried the birds, the sea and the piano during my test runs but last night I uploaded a song so I woke to Scarborough Fair this morning which was pretty wonderful!


I´ve never heard of wake-up lights :-O I get up to my old noisy alarm clock at 5,45h, sometimes I need the second noisy ring. This must be pretty handy even on a rainy summer morning ;-)


I'd never heard of them either, they sound perfect for my two boys. If they don't wake up when I ask I usually resort to tickling their feet but - obviously - this is wearing thin now they're teenagers!!! x


Hi, I've got one of these on my "want" list but I was wondering what it's like in the dark. Are the clock numbers bright? I don't like alarm clocks that have a red glow all night long.


What a great idea - the wake up light. I must have missed the "light" part when I first read your June post about Wille's wake up light. I thought it was an iPhone/iPod docking station/speaker with an alarm clock, as my daughter has something similar. I've never been a morning person and getting up in the dark is a pain. This seems to be a good solution for easing up into the daily routine. Looking forward to your future post about it.


hej benita. tak for tippet.
har vækkeur-lampen også mulighed for at hænge på væggen?


The numbers are dimmed when the room goes darker which is pretty cool!


Jag tror inte att den går att väggmontera, men du skulle kunna sätta upp en liten hylla med den på intill sängen som en kompromiss om du inte har plats för den på nattduksbordet.

Ett stenkast från Fyndet

I have no problem (hm, hardly at least), getting up in the morning, but the boys do, so I'm just about to relocate my Wake-up light to their room. Hopefully that'll make it easier for them to rise in the morning :)


I'm subscribed to this social buying thing (a lot like Groupon) and these lamps popped up last week. They were super expensive even with the discount, but I truly thought about shelling out the price of two. I searched them on the internet and they seem a little... big and cumbersome, not exactly what you'd like on your bedside table.

But I do envy your boy (even more so now).


Could this be hung on the wall? I have wanted to get one for a while, but we don't have nightstands.


I don't think it can, but I guess you could mount a small shelf on the wall and place it on there.


I recently bought a light similar to your son's and I LOVE it. I purchased mine from Amazon.com (on sale) and it was much cheaper than the version listed on the Phillips website. I only bought the most basic model, but it replaced my bedside lamp and my broken alarm clock so I think the price was worth it. If someone is considering buying this they might want to check other vendors for better prices!


I assume the pins in the world map are places you've traveled to. Do I see a pin in Minnesota? My home state!


Yes, I've been to Mall of America a few times for work :)


I am wondering where you got the beautiful world map on Willie's wall? Was it expensive?


Good to know! I have the same nightstands (white componibilli). They are quite expensive but I have a 20 euro giftcard for amazon, so maybe I invest in this alarm clock...


What a great product! I will definitely be looking into this one! Thanks to Phillips and to you, Benita, for sharing!

Fröken Fräken

Då tänker jag vänta på att jultomten kommer med en sådan till mig med! Fast en utveckling som verkligen skulle vara något, var om klockan även hade en insomningseffekt som hjälper en att somna på kvällen, och även när man vaknar under natten, vilket jag alltid gör och har svårt att somna om..


Den har faktiskt en insomningsfunktion med ljud om man vill och lampan som långsamt släcks! Men att hålla reda på om du vaknar på natten gör den nog tyvärr inte :)


I found this one at the local charity shop very cheaply but you can find similar ones by Googeling "world wall map".


Hej, I askedc about the grey tops; a picture if the sweaters was on November 20 and the tunic on September 25. I would be pleased to hear what brands they are and where do you usually by all your grey clothes you mentioned. As I am also very fair skin Scandinavian and my hair colour is like no colour at all ( here in Finland we call my colour type 'road colour', I have noticed I feel most comfortable in grey clothes.


Hello Benita! I'm sorry for the big off-topic. Can I ask you what is your favourite pepparkakor recipe? I'm from Italy and I would love to try this cookies at christmas. I found a lot of versions (white or black pepper, with or without cloves, with or without brown sugar,.. ) and I need a competent help ;). Can you help me? :) Thanks! (in any case)


I have never commented before. I am a lurker. But, I had to comment about this post. I just ordered the wake up light for my husband for christmas. He has trouble sleeping and loves his iPhone AND is the hardest person to buy for. What a perfect present for him! I am so excited. Thank you and thanks to Philips for giving you one so you could make me aware of it. Never even knew they existed. Now, if the prices were a bit lower I would buy one for each of my kids. Maybe another time. Oh-and I LOVE your blog. We are the same age with the same age son. Your blog makes me happy and inspires me in so many ways. Thank you. Have a great day!


I don't make my own dough, I get the readymade kind at the store I'm afraid so I don't have a recipe.


I answered it yesterday morning in the Entry Hall Update post where you posted it first.


I love the lamp (with the birds) - where did you dind it?


I have two and won them at an online auction att Kolonn.se.


I can hardly get up in the morning (because of the darkness) but I guess the melody would alarm/weak up my cats in the room next to mine and they are very loud when hungry... so there would be mine slowly waking up go...
I wonder if there is any iphone app to simulate in some way this lamp?

Considering design I like Willes Version more.

"It's quite sturdy and relatively heavy and Bonus does likes to trample all over me and everything around me at night"

And you can sleep during this? Awesome!
If I would not have cats, I would be much much more rested person.:-(


I have never heard of a wake-up light but I am in love with the thought of it! I showed my husband this post and suggested it as a birthday present (for January). I haven't seen them in Australia or New Zealand.


haha this video for the Philips Wake-Up Light model that Wille has is hilarious:


Haha, I love it! The rooster control center is awesome :)

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