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December 03, 2012


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Oh you are so in the Christmas spirit already - wonderful x


Mr. Bonus handsom as usual, but wonder if he got on Santa's naughty list (for running away repeatedly when you first moved in) as it looks a bit as if he was behind bars :-). Diesel, on the other hand, looks like a little bobcat. What an impressive fur collar!


Haha :)


Muddy footprints too cute!
The snow is beautiful, its been so hot is Australia!


It's kind of a relief to see that you get cat footprints and cat hair, too. I have white furniture and a black cat. It's a constant battle and I've always wondered how you deal with it. Constant tidying seems the only solution.

Diesel looks like he might be a Maine Coon Cat or, more likely, a Norwegian Forest Cat. My cat, Gomez, is a Maine Coon - same ragged fur with neck ruff and tufty ears. He's a lovely, super laid-back old fellow. But he leaves little nests of black fur wherever he lies.


Diesel's a Maine Coon mix!


We also had snow.

"My man in charge if the light switch."

LOL. You are not afraid that he will jump and break something? We have from time to time situations like that.

Diesel looks so cute! Wow! Is he allowed to come in?


I saw your adventcandles at Åhlens in Strømmen, Norway! So, cool! Next year I will buy some xmas-stuff there! :)


That light is surprisingly heavy actually, it's solid metal so we're ok.

Diesel does try to sneak inside in summer and while Bonus likes his buddy Mini's not having any of that and chases him off :)

Sarah {20 State}

Love that you have catprints on your white surfaces too!
Cat+white = evidance
I can only wish for snow here, 43 Celius today, hot and miserable though I did manage to get the tree up.


I assumed the cat hair was on my screen :)


Hi Benita!

All of them, Mini, Bonus and buddy Diesel are stinking cute. I love it that your neighbor's cats come over to play in the snow. Adorable! My cats are only 5 months old so they can't go outside yet. But Barney's watching the snow falling all day today. I love it, especially since I don't have to drive in my car in the mornings, hihi. We'll snuggle up with a nice cup of tea on the sofa (white Kivik, oh hello!) soon.

Hugs from Germany,


Hello Benita,

Love it all, the decor, the adorable kitties, the snow. If you hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have noticed the cat hair on the candles because my ipad screen always has cat hair on it. :)

Happy Holiday season!

Josseline in Virginia


I love the calendar candle! We were just talking about having one this year, but as they're not easy to come by in the States, we'd have to order one and do a lot of catch-up burning. Maybe next year! At least we got the advent candles up and going!

Michelle of Montreal

Is the calendar candle also an Advent thing? I've never seen one before.


Yes, it counts down the days until Christmas Eve which is when we celebrate over here. The print on them is usually more colorful though with reds and greens.


This is a wonderful post! I love the kitty visitor, Diesel. We should all have such adorable friends come to play. :)


But, did mr. Bonus go out to play with his friend in the snow?
Never thought miss Mini chased Diesel out of the house. She looks so sweet...


He didn't it was to cold :). Oh and, Mini is the feisty one!

Claire/Just a little less

Lovely to meet Bonus' Buddy - Diesel he sounds cool:)
I have to have an Advent candle each year though I forget to light mine most days xo


I'm not surprised that Mini chases Diesel away. Keeping one boy in line is enough! What time of day was the snow picture taken?

Vanessa (The VMCA)

Such gorgeous cats! I'm going overboard with candles this year, and I've just picked out some at IKEA (tealights with pretty glass holders), I just think it look so lovely on these cold dark nights. No snow for us yet though. :(

Marcia M

I love all the pictures of this 366 project, but these ones are absolutely amazing, the cats are too cute and also their footprints :) Diesel is so fluffy!


I think at around 4 pm.



Do you have a link where I could buy that candle (for next year, at this point). Simple, minimalist ones are impossible to find, espeically in North America.



I noticed a Feu de Bois candle on an older photo, can't really remember when. Do you like that scent? I read some reviews and it sounds intriguing to say the least. How do you feel about it?




I do like it and it does smell like logs burning but of course in a more scented candle way :).


It's from www.granit.com but I doubt they ship it unfortunately. Swedish companies aren't great at the international shipping thing. It's not like in the US where you an get anything to you overnight from across the state.

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