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December 10, 2012


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As usual, such lovely imagery. ESPECIALLY love the bunnies! Great capture. Hope you have a wonderful week, also!!


great pics? are you in instagram.. if so, can i have ur userid... love to be there


Are those bunnies hares?
I love that picture.


Yes, they are :).


I'm not on Instagram. Not a fan of all the blurry photos with filters galore...


Hi Benita. I love the bunny photo. The light in that photo is spectacular! Great picture! Have a wonderful holiday season.


Cute, cute bunnies! :-)

Rattling On

Hares, how lucky- and two as well! I recently bought a new sofa, but couldn't put it where I really want it as the dog couldn't sit on the back and look out of the window any longer (it doesn't have back cushions that are wide enough). The things we do for our pets!!



Ramona K

Love your pics. We seem to have even more snow here in Uppsala. Yesterday we woke up to minus 20C. We keep a kitty litter box just for those occasions, otherwise our cats, Tom and Jerry are only going out to make a quick visit behind a bush. This means they are BORED. To keep in trim they have numerous battles. It´s very funny watching the way they try to ambush each other. We get a bit worried though when they get into a clinch. Still, no vet bills so far.

Our cats are brothers. You haven´t ever written aboutMini and Bonus doing this. Guess that would be because they´re He and She.
Ramona K


What type of rabbits are those? They are so dark against the snow. Here in Edmonton, we have tons of snowshoe hares that turn white in winter for camouflage against the snow and brown in summer. Those rabbits look like they would be easy prey!


I have no idea what kind they are. Just regular rabbits/hares?:) We don't get a lot of animals that would prey on rabbits or hares around here so I think they're quite safe. Cars probably do more damage :(.


We also kep a litter box in the basement and it's seen a little bit of use these past few cold days. Oh and, Mini and Bonus also battle it out occasionally :).


Benita..really I like BLACK CAT,wow...funny,happy nice day 4U and family.

Edit Omars

Love the tea can.
Envy you by all that snow! My christmas spirit hasn't arrived yet because it hasn't snowed yet in my town in Iceland.
I will still keep my hopes up! ;)

A. @ HelloDoorSeven

Follow the black rabbits!! <3 They are so lovely.
We have squirrels around here and also rabbits, but never saw a rabbit come all the way to our yard.
I think it is ok, since when we visit my in-laws we have reindeer in the back yard!! :) That's right!
A. @ HelloDoorSeven


Aw for cats, for traces in the snow, more awwww for bunny-guests! I love the photo with the sun and snow, my favourite winter version.


You are making me very excited to celebrate the coming season with you! It looks so pretty in your world, and I can't wait to see your tree all decorated, what special foods you eat, to learn more of your traditions, etc. As always, thanks for sharing. Your photos were splendid.


Love snow bunnies! We've been seeing bunnies in our yard, too, but they're desert bunnies. All bunnies make me happy.

I think it's hilarious that you're out there working hard shoveling to make a path so Mini and Bonus can get some exercise. Totally something I would do also. Ah, what we go through to make sure our pets are spoiled completely rotten!


At home I'm also known as the door man. Mini and Bonus have a kitty door to let them in and out as they please but they prefer that I open the door for them. Like ten times every night...

Debbbie from Chicago

We have a fenced in back yard that rabbits like to visit, so every night I have to shoo the rabbits from the yard before I let my dog out. We have a lot of coyotes in our area so I know the rabbits like to seek refuge in our yard. My husband laughs at this, he doesn't think rabbits are that smart.

We haven't had any snow yet. I am looking forward to seeing your tree decked out for the holidays. :-)


I envy you your snow this time of year... still hoping for a white Christmas here... Loving the shoveled cat path, has Bonus given up wandering back to your old neighborhood then?


lovely sights! how's the temperature like now? do mini and bonus need clothes then? :D

Vanessa (The VMCA)

As someone who is un-used to snow, it never fails to fascinate me in all it's diamond sparkly glory :)


This morning it was -8 degrees C. And no, Mini and Bonus don't wear any outfits :).


Yes, he's staying out thankfully. It's been a full year since I picked him up the last time on November 30th last year!

Claire/Just a little less

Benita, the snow looks beautiful from afar - but we don't have to live with it!
Have a good week :)


Thank you again for those lovely photos : )

you have solution for my big problem that I face every morning and evening:
We have not placed any names above the towel hooks in our bath room. Now my doughter asked me to change the order of the towels as she is fed up with the situatiln that her towel is the last one. (Yes, she is very competitive and does not want to be the last one in ANY situation or in any place.)

So, I think that if we girls of our family will change the places of the towels, we should label the new places somehow. The problem is, that I don't know any stylish way how to do it as we have those very very small tiles (mosaiques, about 3 centimeters X 3 centimeters) and I am sure my husband won'be willing to screw any holes into the wall. Have you got any creative ideas?


You could get sticky vinyl letters and stick the first name initial above each hook.


Cute bunnies. You got a lot of snow! We have just a bit so far in Warsaw. Is Mr. Bonus getting a bit chubby for the winter or is it just the perspective of the photo?


He's actually gained 1.4 kgs since last year when he kept running away. He was stick thin then and now has a slightly rounder appearance :).


Due to its popularity I think you could easily convert that hare photo into your Benita Chrustmas card for 2012!


Aww kitty path! Our cat has been sleeping day in day out now that the snow is here. She hates it...puts one paw in it then does a funny little dance flicking her feet in the air - so funny! But she does like to sit out on the freezing terrace and watch the birds on the feeder..hmmm.


my little daughter loved looking at this particular week with me. very sweet creatures.


"Lov" that tea tin. No shipping to the U.S. though. I'm a recent coffee convert and I am exploring all things tea. I've seen your gorgeous electric tea kettle and have been looking ever since...now I want that Lov tea. Sigh....


Had a look thru' your old posts tonight, Benita.

Lovely photos! The snow, especially in the night (bunny) photo looks so deliciously COLD! (Sweating away here in Nicaragua's hottest month of the year! ; )
Glad spring has finally arrived for you now!

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