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December 17, 2012


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Claire/Just a little less

The Nativity nesting set is cute. I have to play catch up with my advent candle too: miss a day, burn two days, burn it too long, miss a day etc... Have a great week xo


As always, I love the photos of Mini best. I guess that's tortoise love! :)


I know, I'm always drawn to other tortoises too. So much character in those speckled faces :).

Ramona K

So true - those sweet "tortoises". My dotter has one - a real cutie pie. Isn´t it strange that they are always female? I know I read that somewhere but I can´t remember now if there was any reason given.


That IS so weird. Our vet said that there are some rare male ones but they're gay! So cute:). Tortoises are also apparently the feline equivalent of human red heads, they are for example more sensitive to anaesthesia which we found out the hard way when Mini had her accident a few years ago.


Mini is adorable! Love that last photo of her, she looks so curious.


Love Mini, as I do love carey cats and calicó cats. I find them very special and precious!
Making it short: the reason of being almost all female is because the colour gen is linked to X chromosome; "O" is the gen for "orange" hair, and "o" is the gen for "no orange" hair, that allows any other colour to show. As female cats are XX some of them can have the combination Oo (Orange colour + other colour) so they can show all the colours together. Male cats only have a X, so this combination doesn't happen, unless they suffer an anomaly.

Unfortunately many persons think tricolour cats are ugly and they are the less adopted cats in rescue centers.

I'm so glad to see many people here who love tortoise cats! Thank you! ^__^


Thank you for that explanation! And yes, we do love out torties here at Chez Larsson :). AND ALL other kittes. With full mustaches, no mustaches and half ones...


Var har du hittat de vita krokarna som gitarrerna hänger på?
Skulle vilja hitta en snygg och "diskret"lösning till min mans gitarr- o bas samling. Lättare sagt än gjort...

Tacksam för svar :)


Sorry, an important part of the explanation is missing, where says "the colour gene is linked to X chromosome" should say "the ORANGE colour gene is linked to X chromosome".
Somehow I deleted it O__o


Det är dessa http://musik.nyamusik.se/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5_9&products_id=4952 jag har och har förstås målat dem vita :). Minns inte om jag beställde dem just i denna webbutik men oavsett så funkar de jättebra både till Akustisk gitarr och elgitarr. Superskönt att bli av med dem från golvet och jag tror Wille tycker det ser lite snyggt ut också :).


Great dolls :-))
Have a nice week!

Sarah {20 State}

I love your dish rack, where is it from, please tell me I can buy it in Australia! My bamboo one is mouldy despite claims this will never happen.


It's by a company called Boon. Don't know if it's available in Australia, it's not in Sweden. I contacted them to see if they could ship to me but their not very accomodating customer service just referred me to the Swedish rep who never got back to me after I e-mailed them. This is why I didn't add a link to the product. They don't deserve one. I ended up finding it on Amazon but had to 1) Buy a set of two 2) Pay a small fortune for shipping. Luckily I knew my friend Anne would like it so I gave her my spare when she came over the other day. I hate poor customer service!


I'm in Canada and these are commonly found in children's stores (sold as "grass"). I love mine, was inspired by here to buy it! Get the large...


Ah! Bad customer service is my pet peeve as well.


Mine's the larger one, called "Lawn".


I've so enjoyed your weekly posts! I can understand how much effort they take, but I would really miss not seeing them in 2013!

Lisa Flaherty

That Nativity Nesting Doll set is cute! Good luck to Wille on his exams! Enjoy your time off together!

Vanessa (The VMCA)

I love how *white* the lighting is in your house, do you have special bulbs? Or have you just done a great job with the white balance in your camera ?


To whom it may concern: The Boon dish drying rack (either "lawn" (green) or "winter lawn" (white) is sold via amazon.com here in the US. two sizes, and the large looks better to me. Price: US$11.99 for the small or US$17.99 for the large PLUS SHIPPING, whatever that might be. I also saw one for US$23.99, but i don't know waht the difference in size is on that.

I do love it, and i'm gonna get one, maybe two. Excellent product!



I too will miss the weekly posts, but mostly I am just happy to hear that you will be back in 2013!!

Enjoy your holidays...



Actually a bit of both! I always look for the whitest bulbs possible (higher Kelvin number) but I've also recently learned how to white balance the camera before taking the photos. I used to do it while editing before because I didn't know how :). Thanks for noticing!


I'll do something along the lines of the 365 project but maybe more of a weekly theme, a 52 project, and not having to pick up the camera daily if I'm not inspired. I'm glad you've enjoyed it this year though!


And they have the best personalities. My husband always says our tortoise is like chinese food - sötsur!

And I think the fact that they are almost always female has to do with chromosomes in some way (and here I stopped writing to google it) and yes, the red is from one of the X chromosomes and the black from the other, so male tortoises are either XXY (and therefore sterile) or chimaeras (two eggs merging into one fetus).

And this comment was, of course, written with our tortoise-and-white cat in my lap :)


Aw poor Mini! She does look trapped behind those bars ;) Out sweet long-haired tortoise gets very cuddly as soon as it gets cold, she sleeps the whole day and just wants to be around us. She talks more too :)


That nativity set looks like "bowling for cats". LOL! Oh, no, the baby JC is under the couch!


Aha! Misstänkte att det var du som målat dem vita. Jag får göra detsamma. Tack snälla för tipset!



Where did your friend find the nesting doll set? My parents collect nativities and would love this one!


I don't know if this is where she got them but I did a quick google and found them (sold out uunfortunately) here: http://www.spoonsisters.com/product/71702.html?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=71702&Category_Code=1023000&Product_Count=16

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