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December 04, 2012


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I love your video - it's so full of Christmas spirit and has really got me in the mood now!


Really lovely! And the music is nice too. Love that song.

Claire/Just a little less

I feel all festived up now. So lovely to see your home in 3D. It's looking so beautiful xo

Mary Ann

I really enjoyed the video and the music. It's nice to get a 3-D perspective of your home.

May / amycapdet

Absolutely beautiful!


Very pretty; you and Willie sing a nice duet!


Lovely!! x


Thank you for all you give us throughout the year. You are so talented. It brings me peace just to look at your blog.


Hello Benita!
LOVE the glass dome vignette of the trees and winter hare, soo nice ;)
Thanks for sharing via video, your home is simply beautiful, with Scandinavian charm.
Great video!
LOVE PEACE enJOY all your Christmas traditions and celebrations that you make.


That's so nice! Makes me feel all Christmas chilly and cozy all at the same time :)

Daniela Magalhães

It´s so cute! Thank you for all this great moments.


That was fun, thanks! It's nice to see all the bits and pieces you showed us over time now connected.

A technical question: where did you cut the movie in, did you use iMovie? And did you ned to convert the files from the MarkII before you could use them there?


Very, very good!

Rosalia Moreira

Marvelous film. The rythm of the camera is perfect.
A Merry, merry Christmas and an Happy 2013 to you to Benita, and for all yours beloveds.



Nice! Your place is very inviting!


Yes, I used iMovie and I didn't convert the files.


Very well done.


Gorgeous! Also - I must ask you - where did you get those candle lights (the ones on the windowsill), I love how they are all juxtaposed with one another - I'd love to get something similar. Now if only it would *snow* already! We had a decent frost this morning and all the kids were "skating" on the school playground this morning - with all the teachers rushing around worrying about health and safety - but it was so festive because everyone get so excited at the first sign of anything vaguely white that looks like ice/snow!


It's Joy by Design House Stockholm. I love it too :)


Lovely! And thank you for introducing me to Jason Silver...I am downloading his Christmas Album from iTunes right now! xoxo

Fröken Prickig

Nice movie! Perfect christmas spirit, I must say. I really like the fresh and light style of yours:) Also, I wonder where you got those Christmas trees in the glass bulb/dome?


The trees are from Illums Bolighus!

Dana from CT

So fun! Love the video. Now can I see the cats playing in your magazine holder? Pretty please!!!


Ah, will see if I can catch that on "film"!

Debbie from Chicago



So beautiful and peaceful! I will be starting with decorations soon!

K @ Shift Ctrl ART

Love your video and all your decorations!


Ladies and gentlemen, the worldwide premiere of Chez Larsson Advent, a Christmas feel good and stylish decorating your house for the Holidays story. Already rumoured to be Oscar nominated for cinematography and set design. :-).

I really liked it. It made me feel as if I was visiting your house. Thank you.


Oh so cozy.
Would love to see a house tour in the future :)
Thank you for sharing your world with us.


Lovely that was really lovely!


Lovely post! I especially like the 1 2 3 4 advent candles--and your advent calendar for Wille is another great idea! Your home is peaceful and beautiful.

Anne in Portland

So beautiful - thank you!!!


I love your video and your blog!Thank you!
Montse from Barcelona


The perfect dose of simplicity and beauty, and a lovely song!


Absolutely lovely. Thank you for extended peek into your house.


Congrats, so beautiful and so sweet!
Kisses from Brazil


Thank you for sharing your video with us, the peaceful quiet beauty of your decor takes all the stresses of the day away. We can all take a lesson from this and shy away from the over the top decor here in North America, so I say relax people less is more as they say.
Enjoy the comfort of home with friends and family.


Margo on Vancouver island


Simply love it, like everything you do ! :-)
Sandra from Singapore

the spectator



Ahh...Benita, is there anything you can't do? That was truly lovely!!


fascinating, it is such a different experience of your space! x

christine e-e

ohhh... beautiful! thank you for sharing your lovely home & holiday decorations. It was fun to see some of your decorations from year's past - in particular, the town scene on the window sill. Makes me feel like I've been invited over for a warm mug of holiday cheer!


Love your Christmas video! Your decorating style is impeccable - cozy, not "over the top bling-bling" as in certain other countries!
Thanks for sharing. Let's see Mini and Bonus next time!

Fröken Prickig

Ok, thanks, will check that out:)


Benita you are so talented! This was like receiving a Christmas gift from you. Thank you!


The film is very nice! Your house is so calm! Love the glass dome with trees!

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