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December 20, 2012


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The reds look so cheerful. And what a generous daughter you are! I think I'll send Brittany a link to this post and see if she gets the hint ;)


wow! that's a heap of presents! I wish I was on your xmas list -
your Mum will love her bundle of presents :)

Steph Jones

so many gifts - you're worse than me! am sure she'll love opening all those colourful presents. what a lucky mummy :)


I think that a thoughtful wrapping of the present is part of the gift. I am sure that just the look of these pretty packages will put a smile on your Mom's face. I smiled just looking at the cheerful red and pretty bows even though the presents are not for me.


We all together (the whole familiy) don't get that many presents, we have a rule one package pro person, cats included.:-))
Nonetheless it looks great!


I think you have more presents for your mom than I have for my whole family.
I like the shiny dark red wrapping paper.


Trains on Chrismas Day!Oh to be in Sweden,I cannot imagine taking all those lovely presents on British trains at any time of year!


The reason for the many gifts is that my mom basically wishes for nothing so instead of a big gift she has no use for I get her a bunch of little stuff like chocloates, tea, paper napkins, soap, a key ring, a wall calendar, a table cloth etc. Basically everyday things :). Apart from a couple of local friends Wille and I are the only ones she receives gifts from since she has all her other family abroad.


I think that looks like a lovely amount of presents...just right! Some practical things, and a few special treats. Hope you have great joy celebrating together.


As much as I love the color white, I adore red. These gifts look gorgeous. Your mom will love them, I'm sure.


I love a passel of presents like that! So cheerful!!! And I loved the white ones for Willie too! xoxo


I gasped when I saw those red packages. I thought we might need to get Wille to see if you had a fever. :) They are lovely and it will be fun for you to see your mama open them.


Here's something fun for you to enjoy....




looks lovely



Susan M.

You are really a lovely daughter and a lovely mom, too. Just a lovely person all around. Thank you for being *you*.


Such beautiful packages! I was surprised by the bright cheery colors. Your mom will love them!


I never thought to use orange in Christmas wrapping before. The wrapping looks extra festive.


The Christmas wrapping is BEAUTIFUL! So festive and cheerful! :)

Can't wait to see what you do with white Kraft paper next year since you are so creative!

Where does one buy white craft paper?

Merry Christmas and belated birthday wishes!

~ Ali


I'm in the same camp as you and your Mom when it comes to receiving gifts. Small gifts are often exactly what I wish for and need. Nothing big and expensive that I'd never use! :) What a thoughtful daughter and grandson!

I've noticed with my husband's grandmother (a beautiful lady in her 90's) that the rest of the family forgets to get her things she'd like and need and give her things she doesn't want like a huge flat screen tv, computer with internet, fancy coffee maker, etc. When I ask my husband's grandmother what she would like for Christmas she always says: tea, nice hand soap, new kitchen towels, etc! I think it's better to give things the receiver loves than things we think they need! So GREAT job on all the beautiful and thoughtful gifts!

~ Ali


Over here we can get white Kraft paper at Panduro. Lagerhaus and other stores that carry gift wrap,

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