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December 31, 2012


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Ramona K

Happy New Year 2013 to you and your family Benita! Many thanks for the inspiration you provide in your blog. I never miss a day.

Here in Uppsala the rain has made a mess of the snow - at least on the streets. Now there´s treacherous ice everywhere. A little new snow would be welcome.

Looking forward to more of your great blog entries next year.


Claire/Just a little less

Happy New Year Benita and aim high! Whatever you do in 2013 I know I'll enjoy reading about it xo


Wishing you a great 2013 from New Zealand.

I've so enjoyed your blog this past year and watching
the transformation of your house into your home.

May your resolutions work out well - even the lottery win!


Gott Nytt År, right back at you! Tack för ännu ett intressant blandat år.

Hoppas att du orkar fortsätta blogga din speciella blandning av tips, inspiration, fina foton och gulliga katter (och Wille förstås:) OCH dessutom hinner ta lite mer ledigt för skönt IRL-liv!



Happy New Year Benita ! I'm happy you had a fulfilling year, and wish you all the best for 2013. This is the perfect time to tell you (again) that I love your practical, honest and inspiring blog. I often go back to old posts when in need of a tip or just a healthy dose of inspiration.
I for one hope that one day you'll be able to publish a book. I would pre-order it ASAP !
A big hug from Germany.


Benita, may all your plans and wishes come true in 2013. Looking forward to more great posts from you in the coming months.


Best wishes Benita to you and your family! Keep it up throughout 2013 and maintain that spark thats makes your blog so special and dear to all of us.

Marcia M

Happy New Year to you and your little family, Benita, I entered your blog and it was enought to make me smile :) Happy 2013 to everyone!


Happy new year to you and your loved ones! Thank you for blogging! You are the first blog I read every morning with my first cup of tea and a huge inspiration! All the best for you, Wille, Mini and Mr. Handsome for 2013- Keep on rocking!

cath w

Hope your 2013 is everything you hope it to be. Thank you for taking the time to write your wonderful blog :-)

Ela from Blackforest

Dear Benita,

I wish you a happy new year and hope that I can continue to see 2013 so great inspiration from you.
And great photos of your two cats ... I'm a secret fan of Bonus .. hihi ..

Your blog is so great and so are you!!!

Greetings from the Black Forest



Gott Nytt År, tror 2013 blir ett finfint år också! :-)


Hope 2013 is a fabulous year for you! I love your blog and hope it continues to give you joy as well as us readers.


Happy New Year!


Benita, I have been reading your blog for about a month and I enjoy it very much, thank you for bringing good reads and pictures everyday! Happy 2013 to you and your family.


Happy New Year from Massachusetts, USA. Thank you for letting us share your life.


Ett riktigt Gott Nytt pyssligt 2013 önskar jag dig.


Happy New Year Benita to you, Wille, and the two adorable kitties. Discovering your blog was one of the nicer things that happened for me in 2012. Thank you!

Josseline from Virginia, USA

Petra from NL

Wishing you all the best for the New Year! That would be great, wouldn't it if you would win the lottery. Whatever happens, I'm sure you will make the best of it. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!


I am absolutely in favor of you winning the lottery and blogging full time! Yours is my favorite and such inspiration.

Best wishes for 2013.


Happy New Year from the Netherlands!
I really enjoy reading your blog so I hope your wishes come true!


Happy New Year from the UK. I hope all your wishes come true in 2013. Thank you for being my first stop, go to blog for everything. You are the best. xx


Happy New Year!

lena sous le figuier

Happy New Year from France!
I love your so inspiring and addictive blog.


New reader me! Just found your blog the other day through an image as I was looking for inspiration for my hallway. Hallway fresh and spruced up now and I am ready to take on a New Year. Best wishes from Dublin, Ireland.



I discovered your blog this year and have enjoyed it very much. Your style is very different from mine, I'm more like your friend who loves vintage, but it has inspired me to try and be neater and less cluttered. That's my resolution for 2013....try and get organized! I had some extra work fall into my lap, so it's all been on the back burner, but I'm hoping January will bring be the extra time to finally get started on my craft room and actually have the time to make some projects!

Happy New Year to you, the kitties, and Willie!

Renee....from Fresno, California, USA


Happy New Year to you also and I will keep enjoying your blog! Stay happy!

May / amycapdet

A happy 2013 for you and your dear family and may all your wishes come true -lottery and full time blogging included ;-). Thank you again for sharing these moments with us!


One of my daughters told me about your blog, and I've been a daily visitor since. It's always simple, refreshing, beautiful, and easy to take. Love it! Happy 2013 to you, Wille, and the cats! Plus your mom and friends. The shopping area in Old STockholm is enchanting!!

Thanks so much for being online!!


Gott Nytt År!


Happy New Year, Miracle Girl. Your blog and a great cup of Starbucks are the two things that get me out of bed every morning. Thank you for that!


Happy New Year from Canada, all the best, and I look forward to your blog in the New Year.


Happy New Year Benita! Judith here, signing on differently on the iPhone from Texas. Here's to another year of cool posts, and of you giving yourself more time to do the things you love :)

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