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December 12, 2012


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Yay! An early Christmas present. After all the hard work that you've done on your house, you deserve a nice vacation.

May / amycapdet

Lucky thing, NYC in spring! I agree that it's a great Christmas present :)

May / amycapdet

Oh, I've just noticed an awful rhyming :-/


I loved the Ace hotel in Chelsea, it's a bit of a hipster hotel but I loved the vibe!!


Yihaa! I would so like to join you. NY in spring sounds amazing.


They're already fully booked on the dates we're going or that would have been a great choice!


Hi, I've visited your blog for so long but haven't commented. I was in Chelsea this summer and loved the neighborhood. My favorite thing to do each night was jog along the pier to downtown and back. Really peaceful and beautiful. There's also the walkway over the meat packing district where you get a great view of the neighborhood. Great fresh lobster at Chelsea market, cooked on the spot. Fresh pretty healthy food (with reasonable prices) at Westville, and cute French brunch place at Cafe Cluny. Also the location is wonderful for exploring West Village and surrounding neighborhoods. Plus there are metro stops in every direction. You'll have a fantastic time!


Sounds great, I love NY! :-)


Thank you, now i really can't wait!

A. @ HelloDoorSeven

Ohhh, that's so exciting! I never was to the States (I live in the much closer Finland :) ), but we are dreaming to go there next summer for our honeymoon. Any suggestions for where to go and what to visit?


If you type New York into my search bar you can see what Wille and I have been up to when we were there before :).


Oooooooooooh lucky you!!!


Just had dinner at Giovanna Rana at Chelsea Market... Absolutely the best pasta I've ever had!!


Wille make a note of that, thank you!


Maybe rent an apartment through VRBO? that's what we do when in Europe


We did that the first time around but both Wille and I like staying at a hotel when its just three nights.


My daughter was in NYC last year and she stayed at an AirBnB.

This is a very interesting, cheap and wonderful way to stay not only in New York but everywhere in the world. My daughter has used this service in Paris, Berlin and Israel.

Good luck,


When we stayed in New York we stayed at The Chelsea Lodge http://www.chelsealodge.com/ Really nice small hotel, great location - I'm jealous!


Thanks, will check that out!


Thank you!


For shopping,you'll definitely want to see ABC Carpet & Home and if you're here on a weekend, The Garage which is a great indoor flea market.


I've been to ABC before but will check it out again and both Wille and love flea markets, so thanks!


Have you visited the Cooper Hewitt design museum?



Ooh, I love the look of that and Wille might be interested too!


I haven't been there specifically, but I also reccommend https://www.airbnb.com/ to rent an apartment. We have used that site several times and have had great luck!


We have stayed at the Fairfield Inn in the flower district. Decent hotel, and best of all, very reasonable.

Had wonderful pizza at a restaurant called Co. on 9th ave . And for more wonderful pizza, there is Otto on 5th ave in Greenwich Village one of Mario Batali's restaurants.

Someone else mentioned doing the High Line, a park created on top of an abandoned railroad line in the meat packing district. Should be lovely in April.

Sounds like a lot of fun!


High Line / Chelsea galleries
Tenement Museum! (Lower East Side)
Cooper Hewitt Museum
New Museum

Aisha Nathanson

I second the vote for the Ace Hotel. (http://www.acehotel.com/newyork) It's total designer eye-candy.
Cooper Hewitt is a must see as well. I bet Willie would appreciate it too, lots of fascinating pop-culture exhibits. Feels very non-museum-y. Have fun and dress warmly.

Lisa Flaherty

Wonderful! Looking forward to photos and stories!


oh, how fun! Love love love NYC. The best thing to do is just wander. Go find Dumplings in Chinatown at the Best Dumpling House. Then walk the Highline, at night it's just beautiful. Have fun!


stay with the nuns!

or the lutheran seamen!

awesome, centrally located, and just inexpensive enough that you could afford to buy some awesome perfume at aedes venustas (greenwich village), one of the best shops with best customer service, ever (and it's right near the scene of the stonewall riots, as i recall):

for how downtown used to be, visit the home of the woman on whom the movie The Heiress was based (explains fancy edith wharton/henry james new york):

finally, the tenement museum explains everything about america that is worth honoring:

it's right around the corner from chinatown, where cheap eats, buys and excruciatingly hip pop-up clubs are happenen':


I've been a reader for a while but never commented. I'm from NYC and I second (third, fourth, etc.) the Highline! It's worth a walk during the day and at night. Also, I know someone commented on it, but Westville (18th between 7th and 8th) is delicious, fresh and reasonably priced for NYC! http://www.westvillenyc.com/ Have fun!


How fun! But aaahh!! NYC has been #1 on our list of places to visit in the states since even before the first trip you and Wille took, but somehow the family reunion guilt keeps making us go to Texas instead when it's vacation time. I swear, when we finally make it happen, your blog is the first place I'm looking for tips.


I just got back from NYC and my partner and I stayed at the Chelsea Pines Inn. If you look on tripadvisor, it's rated as #2 or 3 out of all NYC hotels. It's a five story walk up, and the rooms are a bit dated, but the customer service was excellent. They leave you little newsletters as to what is going on in the city that day, and they have a big extended continental breakfast included in the price (think cereal, yogurt, breads, boiled eggs, deli meats/cheese, etc). You also have access to their kitchen all day (drinks and cookies, but literally the most stocked fridge I have ever seen). They also give you restaurant recommendations and maps of local stores that they have made.

Plus, location wise they are awesome. Right by a bunch of subway lines.

The only downside is cost - they were a bit pricey (we paid 330 a night for a superior room). But if you are looking for location and service, cannot recommend them more. http://www.chelseapinesinn.com/

Also, be sure to walk the high line if you haven't already. It's amazing. And right by Chelsea market.


Thank you so much!


Thank you!


Ah, must check out the nun place. I'm used to those little ladies having gone to a french school run by nuns here in Stockholm :)


Dang, the Ace is fully booked during our stay! It was the first hotel I looked up.


Your trip sounds quite fun! Are you stocking up on Martha Stewart items or getting to visit Martha's offices?

When I think NYC, I think immediately of Lotta Jansdotter who has her studio there. I believe she has it open on the weekends sometimes. Are you a Lotta fan?


No plans "with" Martha :). I'll mostly follow Wille's lead and go where he wants, with a few suggestions of my own along the way.

I do like Lotta Jansdotter's designs but I don't think I'd buy something so Swedish in NYC :)

Anna Kristina

I'll second (or third... whatever it's up to now) the High Line. I'm married to a landscape architect and according to him it's one of the best.


hey! how exciting! I used to live in Chelsea!! But all of my favorite greasy spoons & coffee joints are gone. Nevertheless, DON'T miss walking on the HIGHLINE [http://www.highline.org], and the gallery area between the Highline and the river is fabulous. Don't miss April Bloomfield's The Spotted Pig at 314 W. 11th street, which is a bit east. (and not in Chelsea at all--the West Village). I used to LOVE hanging out at Pearl Paint at 308 Canal St.--5 floors of art & craft supplies! Plus Pearl used to have a furniture store out the back door and to the right for drawing tables & taborets, etc. the Chelsea Market is huge and has a lot of kitchen gadgets, but I like Eataly better (which is even bigger, but has fabulous places to eat as well.) Eataly is on 23rd St. between 5th & 6th Aves, which puts it in the Village. Golly....I'm thinking I should be getting up there again soon! bon voyage!!


P.S. best breakfast in NYC is from the carts: coffee with two spoons of sugar and a bagel with butter! Yum!


Thank you!


From the blog Goop: http://www.goop.com/journal/go/17/new-york


We also stayed in Chelsea Lodge but in one of the suites (the Garden Suite I think). The Suites are in a separate building about five Brownstones down the road. It was cheap and cheerful and having our own garden in NYC where you could just chill out after a long day pounding the pavements (sorry, sidewalks) was much appreciated. Having said that if you're only there a few days you'll probably be too busy to hang out in the back garden ;)

Oh and the Highline is good but I think it's best not to get too excited about it. Before I went someone completely over-egged it so I ended up being incredibly underwhelmed.


I know you asked for recommendations in Chelsea, but thinking about it more, I'm going to suggest that you check out Brooklyn Flea. You'll both love it and getting there is really easy on the subway.


Great tips, thank you!


Will go and check that out!


We went here often when we lived in NYC:
Le Zie (Italian)
172 7th Ave
(between 20th St & 21st St)

Have a great time!


I know you've been to NYC many times before, have you ever ventured to Brooklyn? They have great flea market in the former Williamsburg Savings Bank, and in April Brooklyn Botanic Garden has incredible collection of blooming peonies and lilacs. Right next to it is a very interesting Brooklyn Museum with quite interesting feminist installation http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/exhibitions/dinner_party/


I have, quite a few years ago but we couldn't really find the great neighborhoods and it was snowy and cold so we went back to Manhattan after a short while. I'd love to explore more but it depends on what Wille wants to do, we don't have a lot of time on our hands. Must get back to Mini and Bonus!


No Chelsea advice as I live in Harlem, but if you have any interest in the opera, either going to an opera or just visiting the backstage (which is huge and really very interesting) please let me know. Lincoln Center is just north of Chelsea.

My husband and I were complaining about our hometown the other night, and then stopped ourselves because we realized that this is such a desired destination for so many people around the world, we should be more grateful and not take it for granted...


Thank you, so sweet of you and had I come alone I might have taken you up on the backstage offer but opera's not Wille's cup of tea at all I'm afraid :).

I know what you mean about hometowns. Wille can't understand why anyone would ever want to come visit Stockholm when they have the choice to go to London or New York! Haha!


I lived in Chelsea on W 22nd St between 7th and 8th till 4 years ago and still miss it. I really like Le Singe Vert on 7th avenue and Grumpys coffee on W 20th between 7th and 8th. TJMaxx and Filene's Basement on 6th ave in the Bed bath and Beyond building were favorite haunts of mine for great quality sheets etc at bargain basement (literally) prices. There's some rubbish but there's also quality and not hard to find. I say go there at 7pm on a Saturday night for an hour or two or earlyish in the morning to trawl the racks and beat the tourists. The Fashion Institute on 7th ave the block north of Wholefoods is free and has small but wonderful exhibits. And if you wander over towards the West Side highway you can start zig zagging back and forth from 9th to 10 Aves and drop in at the galleries and stores like Comme des garçons. Unfortunately, as it;s NYC which changes quickly, already two of my fave restaurants have gone! Oh and you cannot go without wandering open-mouthed through ABC interiors on the way to Union Square. oops this was supposed to be a short note :)


oh and must add there's a great neighborhood Szechuan restaurant on 9th ave at about 24th or 25th st (on the North west corner) that has the best soup dumplings.


Thank you so much!


I also used to live in Brooklyn, in Prospect Heights, not too far from the 7th ave Metro Stop--above which was a fabulous Latino restaurant El Rey Something (not at all fancy, but the food is cheap and to die for.) A great excursion if you want to walk is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in either direction, but I prefer the brooklyn-to-manhattan route. Get some good maps so you don't get lost getting on or off the bridge. I was so poor I couldn't afford bus or train fare both ways, so i'd walk to manhattan and then take the Q train home. The Brooklyn Museum is a gas, as is the Park (Prospect Park, also designed by the guy who did Central Park). and don't miss 7th Ave in Prospect Park (the neighborhood, not the park). Many good watering holes in that neighborhood. Went to grad school in Harlem, but mostly ate at the carts and the parents' PTA gelato stand near City College. Also, the Art Students League in Manhattan on 57th St. used to have a wonderful lunch room on the top floor, where students and others can eat for next to nothing. It may still. That building is fabulous (across from Carnegie Hall, more or less).


I was in NYC this week and there's an amazing italian restaurant at Chelsea Market, don't remember it's full name but I think it's Giovanni Rana, not that expensive either, a dinner is lika a normal lunch in Stockholm.


Will make a note of that, thanks!


AirBnb is great!! I absolutely recommend!
I am moving to NYC coming January... I'm going to do my postdoc at Columbia Uni Medical Centre and probably won't spend a lot of time downtown.... but, anyway, I will let you know if I discovered something interesting... ;)


Jennifer S.

I stayed at the Leo House two summers ago. It was affordable and clean, but they had so many rules. I thought that was weird. They recently did some remodeling so I'd be interested in staying there again. Chelsea is a wonderful neighborhood and very centrally located. Good choice!


Wow, you are flying all the way to NY for 3 nights? I am impressed. I live across the country and wouldn't go for less than a week. Speaking of which, have you ever spent time in the Pacific NW? I would love to tell you/ show you Portland, Oregon. Maybe next time. Willy would love it too, I'm sure.
Have fun and Merry Christmas!


i know it's kind of crazy but it's actually a good stay because you get one afternoon and night, two full days and a morning/day. Martin will check on mini and Bonus once or twice and neighbors will check in daily but I don't want to leave them "alone" longer than that. As for Pacific NW, I've never been, maybe one day!

lynn plp

We travel to NYC every couple of months for my husband's work (I come along just because I can!), and my favorite place we've stayed is the Nolitan Hotel in NoLIta. I love that area of the city. For an amazing meal, try nearby Torrisi. I also highly recommend downloading the NYTimes free app The Scoop (also available on their website as a webpage), which has constantly updated favorites for dining, drinking, coffee, shopping, current events, and things only found in NYC. Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to see where you end up visiting.


We love Donut Plant, Caracas, and Cafe Mogador

For hotels I have no idea since we stay at the East Village Bed and Coffee (we love their dog Mango!!)

The Desmond Tutu Center Hotel looks awesome too


Sabrina Allen

Please please please please go to Westville for brunch. It is literally the best thing I have ever put into my mouth. They have a sort-of breakfast Nacho that makes grown men cry and their breakfast burrito is amazing. The Challah french toast is also to-die-for The one in Chelsea is a bit less crowded - go at or before 10, because by 10:30 it is packed.
Also, if you like Hot Chocolate, Aroma Expresso Bar has the best in the city. Apparently they have good coffee too, but the Hot Chocolate is awesome. They have a few locations around the city - get some hot chocolate and walk a block to Levain and get a chocolate chip cookie if you have time. MMmmmmm.

Also, yes on the XLB (soup dumplings) Check out this post for a good overview http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2011/12/where-to-get-the-best-soup-dumplings-in-chinatown-nyc-new-york-xiao-long-bao.html.


Thank you!

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