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January 01, 2013


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I have thoroughly enjoyed all your photos these 365 days, and will miss them.

Do you have any favorites?

a seat beside you empty in the train? is such a nice thing :-)

Happy New Year

Sona Jacob

That was a very interesting series, Benita.
I have been following your blog for a few years now and love your home and projects.
Have a great 2013.

All the way from India

Lorna from Atlanta

I have an app that I absolutely love called Day 1. It's a photo journal app. I've posted photos with a journal entry every day for a few months now. I absolutely love it. You can post several photos with text every day or just one. I believe it won the best app of 2012 . Y'all may want to check it out.

Claire/Just a little less

I've really enjoyed this project of yours but I'm looking forward to what you'll blog about next. Happy New Year!


I'm in the process of putting together a photo book with last years photos and I've spotted a few I really like that I'd almost forgotten I took. Most are of Mini and Bonus but there are some other faves too!


I'll go check that out!


happy new year......have really enjoyed all your postings this year!

Deniz Ati Kolye

That's splendid looking fireworks! Happy 2013 :)

Ela from Blackforest

Oh Benita,

please send me that nice black-and-white present under your christmas tree..hihi..

I will miss your 365 days project ..

LG Ela


Happy new year! Hope to see the new photos of the year 2013! By the way, how is your low carb way of life? Still liking it? Any recipes to share and cooking pictures to show?

Marcia M

I have the same postcard, and the special gift under the tree was the first one i saw , if anyone else does not want it, pretty please send him to me! Happy New Year !


The fireworks photo is spectacular! If you're going to make postcards to sell, please do this one, and I'll buy it. My dear old friend Lida, a former NYC photographer, has made tons of her photos into postcards, and you used to be able to buy them at the farmers market at Union Square. I thought I'd have a lifetime supply, but now I don't want to part with the ones that remain.

Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year!


It's going well but I've made some exceptions during the holidays when there are more temptations around. I'll get back on my stricter eating routine when I'm back at work I guess.

And sorry, no recipes, cooking's not something I like doing and therefore not something I enjoy documenting or sharing. There will be a post coming up with what we had for Christmas though in a couple of days.

Debbie from Chicago

Happy New Year Benita! I have really enjoyed your photo project. We are headed to Northern Wisconsin to spend a few days at our cabin in the woods. No Internet for 5 days! The teenagers have the toughest time with this. :-)


I've had that same Picasso postcard on my bulletin board since college...something about those bread fingers...happy New Year to you too Benita!


Happy new year, Benita! And thank you for sharing so many beautiful things to look at, every day.


Happy New Year!
That is my most favourite picture of Picasso, makes me smile so much x


Happy New Year Benita (and Wille, Mini and Bonus of course)

Can't wait to see what projects you share with us in 2013 (I have my mouse sander ready and waiting!) :) x


I love how Picasso is looking off to his left and so is the girl in the artwork. There must be something very interesting in that direction. :)


You are the first person I know who hates taking picture with the iPhone. I'm so glad I know you XD


I've been reading your blog for over 2 years now, but this is the first time I've left a comment! Just wanted to say that your photos over the holiday were very lovely. And also to ask you what is that bulb that you have above your bookcase? I'm not much for plants, but it caught my eyes.


It's an Amaryllis. The blooms are white and amazing looking but if you like color there are reds, limes and pinks too!

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