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January 03, 2013


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Everything looks so lovely, I love your serving dishes! Have a nice weekend!


We also eat a variety of herring dishes on Christmas Eve. Love your serving dishes.
Trevlig helg!


We skipped the Christmas food entirely, and had funnel chanterelles on toast, reindeer fillet and chocolate toffee pie. But only serving what you actually like to eat is a good thing, although my smörgåsbord would be quite small since I don't eat fish...

Ett stenkast från Fyndet

Vilka fina uppläggsskålar och fat! Ser ut att ha en alldeles lagom storlek och jag gillar den kvadratiska formen.


i just love the simple styling of your christmas table! are those CB2 (http://www.cb2.com/ceramic-spoon/s268747) white ceramic spoons? i've just treated myself to a batch as crate and barrel now ship to the UK and i don't like how plain old teaspoons look in my white condiment bowls ;)

(p.s. i loved your christmas trees under the glass dome idea too - i presented table favour gift boxes under a glass dome in the middle of my table this year too. but now i'm on the hunt for cute mini christmas trees for next year. thanks for the inspiration!!)



I found the spoons in a grocery store in Canton, China, but they do look like te ones from CB2!


Home made Mozart Kugeln? Wow! Do you have a receipe?


So simple, just roll nougat into little balls, roll almond paste into little balls which you flatten out and wrap around the nougat and then dip in dark melted chocolate. I don't know if there's normally liqor in them but we don't like that anyway :).


Looks pretty nice and yummie!


Four kinds of herring? I'm in love/jealous! Our ethnic background is German and we love pickled herring. Unfortunately, we can only get a couple types in our local stores here in the US.

Lily O.

I love your serving dishes. Everything looks great!


What a lovely feast!. I too like pickeled herring for Christmas Eve.


Great food, but beer and fish?
Happy new year dear Benita!

Dana from CT

oh yum! I am a BIG fan of pickled herring. Thankfully we have IKEA nearby and can get a lot of different ones, although they now just carry the IKEA brand. We do a big midsummer feast with some Swedish friends and that is our spread! I love those serving dishes too :-)


quite lovely....and this reminds me of what my parents served in Fargo, ND--home of many Scandinavians. Am liking the idea, possibly off the mark, but perhaps the fish cancels out the ham?

Now I have to go find some pickled herring. That'll be a good substitute for sardines, which lack the zip of pickled herring.

Next time I'm in NYC, I'll go down to Canal St to Pearl Paints and then go across the street to the Pearl department store and see if they have those lovely little spoons! Or here...DC has a Chinatown of sorts.

Happy New Year!!


looks yummy! :)

Ett stenkast från Fyndet

Har nu, sedan jag såg dina fat, letat med ljus och lykta efter kvadratiska och rektangulära uppläggningsfat, men för det första knappt hittat några, och för det andra definitivt inte några som tilltalar (prismässigt..). Får jag fråga varifrån de kommer?


Mina är ett hopplock av gammalt och nytt, bl a gamla Arabia. Jag tycker jag ser dem lite här och där men kan förstås inte komma på var just nu... Granit har dock dessa men de är lite mer rundade i hörnen: http://granit.com/?id=6570 Det är ett sånt skinkan ligger på :.)Jag hojtar till om jag ser andra ute på stan!

Ett stenkast från Fyndet

Tack Benita!! Granit har jag inte tänkt att kolla på. Arabia ska jag kolla på Tradera.

Och du får hemskt gärna hojta om du ser liknande!!!

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