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January 25, 2013


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Åh! Bonus <3


Hopefully, Bonus won't study the map too close while he is eating so that it does not put any ideas in his handsome head to go exploring Stockholm once the weather gets nicer (like he did when you first moved in to your new house).
On the other hand it's interesting that he is easily scared of little noises at home, yet he was happy to go on his wandering adventures.
Trevlig helg!

the spectator

He sounds like my fur child.


Somehow I always forget he scares easily, because in the photos he looks poised, adventurous and very "macho-cat" ;-) (and sometimes a little bossy)

What a cutie!


Yes, he's very special :).


Hi Benita,
my vet once told me that cats do not like to have fancy mats and/or fancy plates and bowls. It sort of confuse them.
My 7 furry friends have now mats of one single colour and exclusively withe pussy plates and bowls.
I tested them once and it is true they looked not at easy with my fancy settings of the meals corner.
your website is great and your cats sooooo lovely.


Bonus and Mini actually eat more dry food down here than upstairs so I think they enjoy reading the map :). As for bowls we only use clear glass ones as per our vet's recommendation. Bonus had an allergy when he was younger and since the switch to glass which we did back then helped we've stuck to clear glass ever since.


Those are way cool placemats! Wish we could get them in the US...lucky kitties! Have a gret weekend.


Make that a GREAT weekend!


I'll try :)

Dana from CT

Oh Bonus would not like my 8 year daughter!! She has been sick the last 2 days with a low fever and her attention has been solidly on Kip our manx cat. Thankfully he is VERY laid back and patient. She has been finger-knitting him scarves and he now has quite the wardrobe!!!
Have a wonderful weekend :-) Stay warm!


That's so cute :)

Debbie from Chicago

I miss having cats. My daughter is very allergic to them. She is married now but she visits a lot so having a cat is not possible. I do have a dog that is quite catlike. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend. We finally have snow in the Chicago area. I am so happy.


Lucky kitty! And nice tip about the glass bowl. Love your postings, Benita.

Margaret @ LHC Roofing Kingston

Ah we've got a ridiculous scaredy cat too, she's still frightened of us if we move too fast! Nice to know we're not the only ones.


One of our guys is just like this! Its funny because the considerable noise from the outside (we live on Broadway in NYC) does not bother him at all but crinkle paper, open a door too fast, or god forbid, drop something, and he is ON GUARDE! Such a scardy-cat!

I also thought it was interesting that Bonus is such a scardy cat but is Mr Bravery when it comes to going outside. That would freak my guy out, for sure.

Fröken Fräken

Nu har jag inga katter, men en hund ibland. Och den gillar verkligen inte heller höga ljud! Det mest otäcka som finns är när skohornet faller i golvet - stoooor panik! Men å andra sidan kan jycken höra skillnad på när jag öppnar kylskåpsdörren (då kan det vankas mat!) och när jag öppnar frysdörren (maten frusen, ingen idé att masa sig upp för att se vad som är på gång)


That is such a neat idea - perfect for our feline messy eater!


Haha, Bonus kan höra när jag river av kanten på en påse mjuk kattmat. Inte ett dugg läskigt tydligen :)


I have the clone to Bonus and he is such a scardy cat too. A vet once told me he thought black cats were the "scardiest" and tuxedos had the best personalities. I have to agree. I love your Mini and Bonus!


Kate, I agree with your vet--at least with regard to tuxedos. I have a 20-year old named Sara. She adopted us on a winter-y November night 18 years ago. She was originally very skittish; guess you would be, too, if you'd been dumped and left to your own devices. In any case, she has grown into the sweetest, most loving kitty I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. We love her dearly and are so glad that she meowed up a storm under our front hedge. She has added delight to our lives.

I love the placemat, Benita. Leave it to you to place classy touches in even the most remote locations!


Great placement!
Bonus is pretty much the same as my male cat too! Big, good looking and scarred half of the day. Since I don't wear long dresses, even that scares him (wehn visit)! Or warm jackets rustling with nylon cover...or opening an umbrella.
Have a nice week :-)


I have a black and white cat like Bonus and she is a scaredy cat too! Do you think it's a black and white cat thing, or is this just a coincidence?


Love the placemat. Great idea. Our male cat was/is a scaredy cat also - jumped at everything. Our vet suggested this. http://www.entirelypets.com/feliway.html?gclid=CPyF56m9p7UCFVFgMgodujcAcg We have never had to deal with either cat urinating where they shouldn't. But we would never be with out the plug-in diffuser. When it runs out, the male's jumpiness returns immediately. He is so much more calm that without the product. We buy 6 or 12 refills at a time (we have a plug-in on both floors of our house.) We can get this product in local stores, but it's about $5-10 USD more per unit than the prices I find online.


We used Feliway for almost a year and it did help take the edge off the move :)

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