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January 28, 2013


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This cold weather we´ve been having seriously sucks, I´m so tired of it now! I need spring and bare legs! :-)


Even your Vitamin C capsules are stylish! Lol! Hope Wille fends off that cold! Beautiful tulips seem to promise Spring is coming.

Heather P

Things have been boring around here too. We had a snowstorm Thursday that kept me inside most of the weekend, except for shoveling. By noon today, however, it's all melted. All that hard work I did, it's all melted away now! Hope Wille is feeling better!


We just had a very cold week with a little snow and we too are longing for sun and Spring, so I can imagine how you feel. Hang in there, just a few weeks to go. I hope Wille wins his battle with a cold. Hug your sweet kitties for me.

Claire/Just a little less

Yay to warmer weather - there's been a meltdown in the UK too :)

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