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January 18, 2013


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Oh August has craved one forever! I just don't know where to hang it in our closet-sized apartment...Seems good therapy for me as well, after having one of the endless discussions with the teenage daughter.


This would have been a good post for Boxing Day :-). Great idea for a small gym at home. Have a nice weekend!

anci ~ miramolnbloggen

Oh, I want one of these! Perfect when you are angry at the Swedish Försäkringskassan.


Michelle of Montreal

The music from Rocky instantly popped into my head when I saw the first photo. Go Wille go!


Very cool! I have a free-staning one that I love! If I ever wear it out (haha) I will have to remember this great indoor solution!


Oh your boy is so very cute.




Ok, now it's in my head too!


Yes he is :)


Watch out for the swing back!

Linda G

I bet you will love it! I have often thought of getting a free-standing bag for our house.
How Wille has grown since I started reading your blog years ago. So handsome! I think he looks like a combination of Princes Harry and William.
Boxing and playing guitar? I think you will have girls hanging about the house soon, if not already. ;) You two seem to have a great relationship.


What can I say? He's the best :).

Angela @ A Pink Sunset

That looks so fun! I bet it's a great way to relieve some stress and tension! :)



I'm smiling looking to these pictures because my son has a punching bag too and I have tried it, but it's not my beach at all - it's a little bit dangerous ;)).
What a great and cute boy you have :)


If that bag is filled with sand... I strongly advice to replace the hook and eye on the beam with sturdier items! You may damage the ceiling beam with the weight of the bag as well.
Keep on punching!


It's not, it's filled with fabric scraps.

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