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February 26, 2013


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I love a classy table - this looks great!

Tulips are so nice to bring home this time of year, when we are anxious for Spring. I have Red ones on 3 tables in my living area right now and they make me smile.


I always love polka dots - especially black and white ones!


Wow! It's amazing what a difference it makes when you take just a little time to spruce things up. I don't think I would've even thought of making new wrappers - I probably would've just left them wrapperless and called it "minimalistic" (translation: lazy, ha ha).

And I love Marimekko - their stripes and polka dots make me so happy! I also made grey Unikko curtains for a 50s apartment we lived in once upon a time, and still have them saved away in case I ever get the urge to use them again.


I also got the same napkins when I joined their news letter.
The new wraps finish the table setting, well thought.


Ooh, I can see them turmed into pillows or even a bedspread in your house if you don't end up using them as they were intended.


I've been thinking about pillows, actually! Grey is a recurring theme in the whole house, so it would definitely work.


Looks amazing.


Oh I did not realized they were homecrafted! I thought they came that way and was thinking that you had so stylish take away chopsticks in suburbia. I should have made quite a bit of OOOOHing and AAAAhing had I known.


Hahahahaha :-D
I was about to ask if Anne was impressed. Very good! :-D


I can't even begin to say how awesome this is! Love.


Great idea for a party!

Dana in CT

What did you cook? Always looking for new asian inspired dishes :-)


Oh, I love the napkins and paper you used and really REALLY want some fabric in the same patterns and colors.

What, no pictures of the food? You know how we readers are! ;)


Cute polka dot napkins!


I'm on the search for new white dishes. What kind are yours, Benita? Lovely table setting!

Sandy (USA)

So pretty. It's all about simplicity with you and I adore that. I love your freedom from complexity. :-)


I have a mix of inexpensive no brand dishes. They're all white so it all matches :).


The starter was a mango, avocado, prawn sallad with cilantro, chili and lime and the main was a Thai chicken soup on coconut milk etc.


Your table looked so beautiful - I loved how the patterns stood out against the white. White table cloths are always the best back drop to let the rest of the table have its say. I hope you and Anne had fun!

christine e-e

adorable... I'll bet Anne appreciated your efforts. Pretty tables always energetic generate conversations.

christine e-e

oops... haven't had my coffee this am. "Pretty tables always generate energetic thoughtful conversations."

Heather P.

This is such a cool idea! Kinda makes me want to finally re-learn how to use chop sticks! (There are pictures of me using them as a child, but somehow that skill didn't stay with me into adulthood...bummer!)




It's those thoughtful details and attention you give that are so inspiring and endearing! Thank you for sharing this!!

Ana V.



I am thinking I will choose the same so I can have a variety of shapes and profiles, and so that nothing is too precious for children who empty the dishwasher here. :) The proper place settings are too "matchy-matchy," and inevitably include pieces we wouldn't use.


Simple and striking solution!

This is the sort of thing that keeps me coming back for more. Thank you for your bright and thoughtful content, Benita! :-)

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