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February 28, 2013


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Claire/Just a little less

Wow, what a difference, especially the stairs. Great inspiration for doing up a house little by little - it's all come together so well xo


I do love it - great transformation! We´re soon taking down our kitchen wall as well and I´m slightly nervous... Cross your fingers! :-)


Really wonderful space. I agree about the southern exposure. What a gratifying feeling it must be to compare these photos.


Could you be more specific about the south west exposure? .
Maybe in the future you can write a post about rooms exposure: what is best speaking about living room or bedrooms, kitchen............ how to help light where you don't have it and so on.....I'm interested in the subject.
My love to Mini and Bonus, ciao, lella


Crossing! When can I let go?


All I know from experience is that south western exposure lets a lot of light in which I love. The front of our house where the desk is in the photo) is quite dark with its north western exposure and it can feel a bit dreary in comparison.

Rosa by Barcelona

Me encanta tu estilo y tu blog, he tenido en cuenta algunas ideas tuyas para decorar mi casa de verano en el Pirineo.

Rosa, de Barcelona


I had to use Google Translate for that :). I'm glad you find it inspiring!


It's always had good bones, but definitely looks much better now. Love how open the kitchen is without the wall. I like being able to rush into/out of the kitchen without dealing with a door.

Did you tell us why you didn't paint the handrail? Memory...I need more. :)


I didn't paint it because it's one of the nicer original features in the house and I like the contrast with the white and that there's something that matches the oak floor :)

May / amycapdet

Love your before and after posts, Benita, so thank you for this very inspiring one :)

Sandy (USA)

So pretty. Very calming, clean and homey. Love it! I just realized you have drop ceilings (that's what we call here in the USA). I grew up with them and still see homes with it. Although alot of people frown upon drop ceilings, I say your style puts a different spin to them completely! They actually look pretty cool in your home. BTW, are your kitchen chair Eames?

Amy | Minimally Invasive

A really wonderful, beautiful transformation without overhauling the entire space. Our stairs are quite orange as well; it's nice to know I can do something about that and lighten the space to boot!


They aren't drop ceilling tiles though, they're huge plaster sheets that have been stuck to the ceiling in a grid pattern. Not something I would have chosen myself but changing it would be such a big job so I'll just live with it :).

The dining chairs are Navy 111 by Emeco.


Wow, it looks amazing! So pretty and bright! You're an inspiration - and a reminder that great design doesn't happen overnight (altho it seems like your makeover went pretty quickly!). Thanks for sharing!

Ben | Champion AC

Astonishing change from before to after! I love the renovations. You have good taste and style.


It's always exciting with before & after, especially with such a big difference. Really nice work with your white home. Thanks for sharing :)


What a pretty space!


Wow! It's great to see your space like this. Thank you for sharing this shot with us!


Oh wow! That is such a huge difference! I am very impressed. I've been wanting to do some changes to my own home for quite some time, but I have no idea where to start or even what exactly I want to do. I'll use this as some much needed inspiration. Thank you for the wonderful share. P.S. The pictures are beautiful, very professionally done!

Fröken Prickig

It looks great! You're really amazing Benita!

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