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February 25, 2013


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Claire/Just a little less

Some cute photos. Nearly spring Benita xo


So cool that Wille gets to join you at work! Hope he enjoys it. And I love the look on Mini's face in the first picture: Just TRY to move me from this chair ;)


Fun to bring him to work - unfortunately, I´m not quite able to do that myself with my sons but I wish that I could!


Enjoy your work week Wille!
...and your vacuum cleaner is white (cream), of course. :-)


Working with your son would be so fun! I hope you both will enjoy it.
And... what a nice mug. Everything in your house is really pretty.


Hope Willie has a great experience at your office this week. Even if he doesn't, he'll know more about what he does/doesn't want to do for a living.

Your indoor photos are great because you do such a good job taking/lighting them. I know zilch about photography but I know that your pics are easy on my eyes and fun to look at.


I used to work with my son during school holidays and it was great fun, enjoy!
Lycka till Wille!

Heather P.

I'm with you on winter weeks - it's hard to say much on my blog because it's kind of all the same at this point. Mostly just waiting for the weather to warm up so I can get outside!

Hope Wille enjoys his break/work week...and manages to find some time to have fun and relax too!

Have a great week!


That's great! Have fun spending the week working with your boy!


Very cool vacuum cleaner! I am another person from a wintery climate waiting for Spring!


Mini and Bonus are always so cute! And congrats to Wille on the job!


Unfortunately it's not as good as it looks... great suction but it keeps falling on it's head.


Vad är det för dammsugare du har? Har letat förgäves efter en som är vit och någorlunda snygg...


Den här är tyvärr inte helt vit utan cremefärgad och tyvärr inte heller nåt vidare. Det är inget fel på sugförmågan men den är så bullig så den välter lätt och hamnar på sida eller på rygg. Minns inte modellnamnet men den är av märket Bosch och jag köpte den i vår lokala Coop Forum.


Love the coffe maker, what is the brand?


It's a DeLonghi Nespresso Latissima+! http://www.nespresso-us.com/machines/lattissima-plus/lattissima-plus-silky-white/

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