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February 27, 2013


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Ohhh lovely. Don't happen to have an Aalto vase lying around too, do you? For me, Alvar, Marimekko and Iittala are the Holy Trinity :)


Hm. Manly hands that could do with som TLC. But the glasses are pretty!


They're not manly! Did you not see mine?


I too like the look of the regular Essence more, but I've understood this shape is better for the wine. What a nice gift, especially when you didn't have similar already.


I do! I have a large vintage white one (signed!)that I got from my mom after my clear one got badly chipped. I love that vase but it does demand quite a substantial bouquet!


I like the shape - but the big question is; did they make the wine taste wonderful?! :-D


Ah, but you see I'm no wine connoiseur so I probably wouldn't know the difference. The wine I got by recommendation from Systembolaget did taste great and the glasses do have a nice feeling to them when you swirl and drink. Anne did comment on that you can get a better sence of the aroma of the wine out of the glass and I guess the aroma is part of the wine experience :).


It did! Or maybe it was the company... but they were very nice to sip wine from.


We have the regular Essence....love them! So thin and great to sip from!

Heather P.

Those are very nice! I do swirl my wine around a lot, and those glasses would be great for that. I'm also looking to upgrade to some nicer stemware the next time we move (I keep breaking our cheap stemware so much I'm surprised there's any left), so I will have to keep this company in mind!


I love love love the tulip shape! These are gorgeous!!!


You goof! I clasped my chest and thought, "Who would SAY such a thing!! It is so UNTRUE!!" :)


Yeah, I was getting ready to get all upset then saw that you were saying that about yourself (right?).

Not manly, though. :)


I think I am going to start mentioning all the things I don't need on my blog - like a top of the range sewing machine, more money and a fantastic job!


SIGNED?! :O ...I'm officially jealous.


Yeah it's pretty cool. I don't know if it's actually signed by him in person or by one of the workers blowing the vase but it has a hand scratched "Alvar Aalto" at the bottom and the vase doesn't have a sticker on the rim like they do now, the Iittala logo is permanent in the glass.


So the real deal. WOW!


Yep. Hand and opinion, all mine :)


Yipee!! A Swede who removes the stickers from their glassware :-) Thank you, Benita, thank you!


I got the Sarjaton glasses for Christmas. I love them and I drink everything from them, wine as well.
Have a nice weekend!

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