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February 22, 2013


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Claire/Just a little less

Very neat. Have a lovely time with your friend xo


Oh, DO enjoy! :-)


So it looks like you perhaps are a decaf kind of gal ;-)

Better get that beer in the frig!

Happy weekend to you


I am and I will :)


It never occurred to me to combine the snacks and alcohol. We also seem to have wine and beer stored separately. Wine in the living room and beer in the kitchen.
Very neat.


Your link about the Expedit goes to the Album frames instead!!! Looks like you're set for a great weekend though !!


Thanks, I fixed it!


G&T-girls? Nice.


Ser ut som du är redo för helgen -härligt! Vet du, jag har läst din blogg sedan dag 1 men tror aldrig jag har kommenterat, förrän idag - men någon gång ska vara den första. Gillar verkligen det du skriver och dina bilder, älskar dina organiseringstips, tror alltid jag ska bli lika välorganiserad bara genom att titta på bilderna och läsa texten men jag antar att det krävs lite mer än så :-). Önskar dig en riktigt trevlig helg!


Looks like a plan!!


I can see that you have good taste in gin, as in so much else!
I'd love to have that kind of neat storage. We have the wine and the beer in the basement, along with the canned food (we have a "matkällare" - what is that in english?), the ordinary gin in the kitchen (close to the other drink utensils), and the really expensive stuff in the library.


I'd call it a basement pantry, not sure if it's the correct term though.

Anne Smith

Good to see you are enjoying Australian wine Benita....just what I am currently doing...cheers! Anny :)


Yay! Looks just about the right amount for our evening ;). I will bring an extra bottle just in case...


Cheers! Skål! Na zdrowie!
Trevlig helg!

Annabel Vita

I love those stubby Heinekens - not too big, not too small, just right! And they look good too :)


Very neat, but as a Belgian I must say: "Replace that Heineken!" That's not beer! Try Stella Artois or Jupiler or 100 other excellent belgian beers and taste the real stuff! You gonna love it! :-)


Haha, but I don't drink beer at all actually so they're for Wille/guests. I got Heineken because the cans are cute and green :).



Sandy (USA)

Beer for Wille? Really? What's the drinking age in Sweden? Here in the states you have to be 21, but get this, we have no problem giving a kid that's 16 a permit to drive and then a license at 17. Talk about us being all over the board with rules.


Cheers to the two of you.
But I guess if I drank all that with only one friend d I'd need more than a decaf the next morning. At least those little black Ristretto capsules. Double. And Alka Seltzer. Haha :-)
Enjoy the weekend


Beer goes in the fridge, woman! :-)


Those are actually a light beers but Wille is allowed to drink alcohol according to Swedish law and does so occasionally. When you turn 18 you can drink in bars but you have to wait until you're 20 to buy alcohol in Systembolaget which is what our liquor stores are called.


But my fridge is full of all the produce I don't want on my counter ;)


Like it all together like that....but what are those little red boxes stacked on the right side?? Heineken is far superior to Stella Artois, though I like Peroni (Italian) even better. Sometimes the bars serve Peroni on tap in Peroni glasses, which are cool indeed, especially the old ones with the little red PERONI tag on them.

Heather P.

I think my husband would quite enjoy visiting your house...he loves gin!

Hope you have a great weekend!


They are Nespresso pods that didn't fit into my container.


Skol with an imaginary umlaut!


Ooh tanqueray, my favourite! Enjoy x


Do I spy some Australian wine? mmmm the Lindemans Chateau Cardboard? this is what some people call casks here!!!! Enjoy!


"Heineken superior to Stella" If you like water, that is ;-)


Yes, I do like water, too, especially with gin.


Is that a bottle of Coke behind the Schweppes? Mix it with the Chateau Cardboard, and you'll have Calimocho, a favorite drink of Spanish students who like to party but need to stay awake to study.


Love belgian beers! Simply the best.


Yes supposedly alcohol is illegal for people under 21 here, but my nephew's father is Italian and he has been drinking wine with dinner since he was 13 or so. I don't think it's a big deal if a parent is there and allows it. The kids can't BUY liquor tho.

And it is true, you can get married at 18-19-20, have a big wedding, and not allowed to drink at your reception. You can have children! But you can't buy alcohol.

The reasoning is that restricting alcohol severely reduces fatalities from drunk driving, and actually, it really does.



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