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February 05, 2013


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C'est bien mieux en blanc. Bravo et merci pour ce super blog !!!!!

Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

It looks really great in white. I also think that since you don't have any risers, any dust and cat hair will not accumulate too badly on the stairs.

I was wondering which paint you used. I have just experimented with an oil based primer followed by a latex paint on a bed and I liked the results. I was reading good things about using alkyd paint as well...


So stylish. And the stairs look great too.


I think white is simply your destiny :). Looks fantastic!




Ah, but I do have risers on the rest of the stairs so tha's whre it all will gather once that's done...

As for the paint I just used what I had in my normal get-it-done-NOW manner and that happened to be water based paint for trim. It seems to hold up well but then we don't ever wear shoes inside. For the rest of the stairs I will get water based floor paint though because there's more traffic there from the lower floor to the bathroom. It's all white though so matching it won't be an issue luckily.


The stairs look very chic in white, and are very Benita, so it seems the best choice :-)
And Bonus looks great, too. (When I see these photos I wonder if he knows he looks oh-so-handsome).


I do think the white looks very good. Too bad it was such a long project. I've forgotten, were these the basement stairs or the stairs to the second floor?

Die Rabenfrau

*lol* All the time I asked myself, if you would be ending with white here. And now you are! It looks great!


These are the stairs to the second floor. The basement stairs are another project I hope to tackle this summer...


Känns det halt? Vi ska måla vår furutrapp (vit) och jag funderar på små "trappmattor". Tror det är Jotex som har. Men helst vill jag bara ha vitt. Jag har inga katter men dock barn som kan halka.


I am so NOT surprised - I'm just surprised you didn't go for white from the beginning! It looks fantastic. Greetings from Germany!
Alisa (the lavender suggester this summer;-)


Jag tycker inte det är halt men så har jag halvblank färg: kanske halare om man väljer blankare? Tror inte det är halare än en lackad furutrappa i allafall om det är det du har så funkar det du har idag så funkar nog även målat. Jag har också kikat på de där stegen men stör mig på den runda formen.Inbillar mig att det fastnar smuts runt om också och att det blir svårare att städa. Sopa går ju bort och våttorka blir knepigt.


White paint is puuur-fect for black kitties- look how handsome Bonus is against the new starus!


Hej Benita. Jag har just hittat din blogg via Pinterest och har spenderat ungefär en vecka åt att läsa från början tills nu. Vilken bra blogg du har och så många smarta idéer du gett mig! Hoppas att det är ok att jag länkar till din blogg från min.


It's certainly a step up (haha!) from what it looked like after you pulled out the step kit! The white is beautiful; I'm seriously considering more white in our home now thanks to you!

Dana from CT

Looks great! You can always easily do touch ups if needed. Love the crisp clean airy look!

How did you keep the curious cats off the stairs while it was drying?


Absolut! Kul att du hittat hit :)


Can you see the plastic sheet in the next to last shot? I taped plastic at an angle a couple of feet up and it was kind of crinkly too so they didn't like the look or sound of it luckily :)


I'm just sorry you had to go through all that trouble before ending up with the white anyway. The stairs look great!

Next time, adopt white kitties. ;)

Erin Kleider

Somehow I always knew you'd end up painting them white. I think it was the best choice! They are going to look sleek and minimal!


For a moment I was terrified it dark red colour will stay. White is great!
Did you have to use special product for stairs since the wear off is much higher then when painting a cabinet...


I just used what I had and that happened to be water based paint for trim. It seems to hold up well but then we don't ever wear shoes inside. For the rest of the stairs I will get water based floor paint though because they're more heavily trafficed.


I am in awe that you were able to strip and sand down those steps to that beautiful wood! Too bad the staining didn't work out after all that work. The white looks nice and fresh, though, so all ends well!


Ok bra reflektion gällande städsvårigheter. Jag får funderar vidare. Har hittat snygga trappmattor i ljusbeige sisal. Så när trappan är målad får jag beställa hem en och se hur det ser ut...


Du hast so viel Talent _SUPER_ ♥
LG petra


Oh the stairs look so lovely! Yes, white with black kitties is never ideal (we have white everything and two completely black cats). Their hair everywhere used to bother me a lot until I just started thinking it was their "gift" to me (and I started cleaning up more regularly)! :)


Hi just wondered if you considered wrapping the treads in a natural fibre like Coir or Sisal?


Yes, you can read about it here: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2013/01/the-stairs-part-1.html


Ha, ha, why am I not surprised? :-). Looks like Mr. Handsome (a.k.a. Bonus) also approves.

Mrs. Vallejos

Do you have kids? In some parts of the world, open riser stairs are considered dangerous... but I've lived with them and find them OK. Stuff that accumulates on stairs tends to fall down, so hey! No crud on the stairs! Love the bonus kitty. I have a black & white cat as well - can't imagine him with white anything.


I have an 18 year old son so we're ok :)


I love the stairs painted white, we've had many a problen trying to match the right colour of wood stain over the years!


Your are not wearing some warm slippers during the winter? Is it not cold?
Water baese paint is more resistant?


Solvent based paints aren't allowed here anymore.

Kimm @ Plumberry Pie

Looks great! Thanks for sharing. I've been waffling over my stairs for over a year now on what color to do...but so far have only gotten as far as lifting carpet from the top stair. ;) one day.... that carpet is nasty, so hopefully i get to it sooner than later!

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