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February 20, 2013


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Looks great - and yes, a lot more grown-up :)


These frames for vinyl records are great! I should buy some and hang my Abba records on the wall. Although I think my love would veto that.

jessica w

This is a weird question, but what material is your ceiling made from? Did you paint the grid on there?


That looks really cool! And I LOVE Wille's guitar.


Thank you for inspiration for a birthdaypresent for my vinylrecord-collector-husbond!

May / amycapdet

I still keep my old vinyl records too and I was also a big fan of good old Lou... :)! A good upgrade for a young man's room.


I didn't paint it, they're some sort of ceililng tiles. I'm not loving them but taking them down or covering them would be a massive job.


Clash's London Calling... Iggy Pop... Lou Reed... yep

Can you tell we're the same age?!!! ;)


Funny thing is though that this is TOTALLY Wille's taste in music. He even saw Iggy live last summer! He's hardly into the current stuff at all.


Soooooo super cooooool!!!

Wish Wille was my boyfriend- makes me sound like a weirdo but was actually meant as a compliment ;-) i'd simply long for such a stylo place to hang around *g*
Don't worry, Wille, am way to old dor you and happily married with kids *hihi*




Looks great! And makes me feel ancient.. I went to see Iggy Pop many, many moons ago when I was my daughter's age. But what goes around comes around, and I now go to gigs with her and she thinks it's fun. Great stuff, music!


Great frames! The fact that you can change the content by just opening the frame while it's still on the wall is genius. I didn't even know that they have special frames for Vinyl covers.


I've been hearing (from parents) that a lot of high school/college-aged kids are preferring "older" music these days because most of the current stuff is so lousy.

I adore Willie's room before and after the transformation. So orderly and clean. I actually like those ceiling tiles...squares and rectangles are my faves.


Awsome frames!How actually are they opend or what kind of holder keeps the frame closed?


You do a simple "lift" action to the front of the frame to open it. There's like a "hinge" behind.

Heather P.

That is a really cool idea, especially since he can swap them out whenever he wants! Hope he likes it!


So cool!!!!


ugh... this really makes me regret getting rid of all my old records in the great purge of 2012. :-/


Det var väl den Lou Reed spelningen som Magnus Uggla pratade om i Så mycket bättre. Uggla skriker typ "I love you Lou" i början av konserten och får ett svar. Det ska vara med på skivan :)


Det är det! Haha!


He does!


What an incredibly tidy bedroom... I guess my guy is cut from an entirely different swatch!


It's not always this tidy though. I wanted to spare you so I shot this after we tidied up a bit on the desk :)

jessica w



I LOVE Willie's desk! It's so cool! Did you make it? I noticed the two drawer stacks look like ikea. Did you the desk top at ikea too?

I need a new desk!

Love the new frames! Very cool!

~ Ali


The drawer units are Alex from IKEA and the top is a kitchen countertop also from IKEA.


I'm a long time reader (since I first found you on Flickr!) but this is my very first comment. After seeing the albums on the wall I just had to say, "Flogging Molly! Flogging Molly! Flogging Molly!" I saw them live once and they are amazing. Tell Wille big thumbs up.


Will do! He loves that band! It's the type of current music he's into. He saw them live last year but the poster he got from the concert was an odd shape so I had to make them into Logging Moll :)


Love guitars to decorate walls too! My husband has gotten a few old/not really functional ones and they add so much to a room!


The floor in Wille's room looks so nice and clean! How do you clean wood floors to get them to look like that? What a great space for your teenager to hang out and claim as his own.


The floors are only 18 months old as we installed them when we moved in. I use one of these to clean them: http://www.mybonahome.com/products/hardwood-floor-mop.html


I LOVE this! I may need to surprise the husband by buying some of these so he can put them up in his office/music studio.

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