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February 07, 2013


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Wow! One more reason to buy it then!


Looks really inspirational! And your front yard is a project with perfect result.
I must check the library if they would have this book...


A must have, now on my list!


It probably sat in NYC customs, you are lucky it did not arrive moldy, like my package did from the USA with mine and my husbands Christmas gifts in it. :/

Petra from NL

I got my copy a few weeks ago now and like it too. They inspired me to update our bedroom so now I am looking for a nice fabric for a headboard...


Reading your blog is like visiting a museum or an art gallery. It's surprising what inspires me. Thanks for this lovely post!


I must get the book : )
Thank you for the laundry post also - making that home work sound and look nice is worth a prize!


have noticed? Voted You. Shall all Your readers do same. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/best-home-project-diy-blog-the-homies-2013-183534


You're so sweet, thank you! But frankly I'm over those competitions, I have no desire to win or rank high :)


Love it!! Hooray for your inclusion, and what a wonderful book! Thank you for posting here, as I'm sure I would not have come across it on my own! Now, off to Amazon!


I love both your blog and Young House Love, so it was very exciting for me to turn to your project in the book!

Marcia M

Love the book! It is sooooo cool! Why don't you make a decal art with Mini and Bonus in it? Or at least with their profile (contour)...couldn't find the right word, i hope you understand what i mean :)


I love both or your blogs and am enjoying the YHL book....I still hope that someday there's a Chez Larsson book with a post contributed by John and Sherry, too!


My day starts after I read ManhattanNest, ChezLarsson and YoungHouseLove blogs! You guys rocks! 2 great books I got me this xmas: this one and The Novogratz... Thanks for sharing your life!


I'll "second" Celia's comment...me too! :)

Annelise in Edmonds

I follow both your and YHL blogs religiously! I got my book back in November and got Sherry and John to sign it at the Home Show in Tacoma, Washington! Thanks for all your DIY inspiration!


Congratulations! Looks like a really good and budget friendly resource for home improvement.


Oh congratulations - what a great book to be a part of x


I love your blog! It comes at the end of the work day for me, in Provo, Utah, and you are always upbeat (but not sickening). I look forward to reading your blog right before going home.
I'm glad you were in the book -- it must've been hard to decide which project of yours to spotlight!
Thanks for the lift every day.

Noga from Israel

Congrats dear lovely Benita!
Yes, they have good taste..
Noga from Israel


Wow you are in that book, great! -)
I follow their blog for years, not really my interiour and decorating style but there are some great ideas to find.


I agree, not always my style but the ideas can easily be adapted!


Hey Benita! Did you know that the link to the young house love site in your blog list doesn't work? Thought I'd let you know :)


That was so odd because in my typelist it looked correct but I deleted it and re-added it and now it seems to work again. Thanks!

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