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March 19, 2013


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Wonderful Benita ! It looks clean and fresh and neat (like everything you do !). What were your tactics not to find yourself stranded downstairs, having to wait for the paint to dry before you could go upstairs again ? Did you somehow paint from the bottom upwards, bending ? It doesn't sound very comfortable/practical/doable to me, and I think you must have found another way ...


Ah this is beautiful already. Mystery product... sounds intriguing.


I have stairs from the basement out into the back yard :). I did almost lock myself out though by almost forgetting to unlock the patio door at one time...


Of course ! Forgot about those ... The mystery is now solved ... I almost expected some ninja moves ! Have a good day :)


It looks great already ! Bon travail !


Oh my gosh, that looks SO good. Can't wait to see what the mystery product is!


What a difference! Snyggsnyggt!!

Helen F

Lot of work but so worth it!
Looks just great, and the combination with the handrail makes it perfekt!


It's so bright and fresh that you might save on electricity - almost no need to use a light on the stairs ;-).
Looking forward to the added touch.


Love it! And I agree with you about the handrail. Can't believe there's something that's going to make it even better?!


Maybe not better, but different :)




It looks great! I did my stairs a half year ago very similar to yours. Although I hardly ever walk with shoes, another layer of paint is already necessary. I did three layers back then. So it goes.


Beautiful job, Benita. I like that the handrail isn't white because it's easier to see this way.

Sandy (USA)

That is so clean, fresh and sleek looking. Love it! If you don't mind me asking, the little bit of art I see hanging, is that a piece of the wallpaper you found in the house? Whatever it is, it looks interesting.

Heather P.

I love this! I also really like that you left the handrail alone - I used to have one that was white, and I would miss grabbing it in the dark all the time. How I never fell down my stairs I'll never know...but having the contrast there is nice, especially if you're not totally awake and trying to make it up or down the stairs!




looks really good! Great job!


absolutely gorgeous! curious what you'll do next. i have to admit, i lived with white stairs twice, and i spent all my time sweeping them. :\ if you had a solution to that i'd paint my next staircase white in a heartbeat. x


It looks amazing! What a difference!


Ethereal. Charming. The wooden railing makes it. It seems to float. You do seemingly simple things so very well: I think the Italians call it sprettzatura. (sp?)

Thanks for sharing!


Love love love!! I hv painted mine white as well. We bought 2 inexpensive indoor/outdoor runners from Costco & stapled them on. This helps with dirt (brown pattern same color as dirt and dog hair) AND super necessary in summer when wet feet run in from pool, up the stairs to the bathroom!
I think I'm going to re-do my banisters soon tho...from white to high gloss black. Well done Benita!!


Aahhhh! So gorgeous and absolutely love it!


It is wallpaper :).


I am constantly wiping and sweeping, so no miracle tip there I'm afraid.


I love the railing left in wood because the curve is gorgeous, like the one you have upstairs. I'll bet the mystery is glitter! Yep, glitter is definitely you! HA!


I´m so glad that you have shown how you made your stairs så pretty - I have to do the same job at my house. I have one guestion thow - did you use a brush or a roller when you painted?


I used a brush!


Sprezzatura. Lovely expression :)


Perfectly simple. Perfectly lovely. Simple is not always easy. Lovely is easy on the eyes. Thanks for sharing the process.


Att säga "Vad duktig du är!" känns ju lite överflödigt, men jag är imponerad över allt det fantastiska förarbete du alltid lägger ner för att få ett resultat som alltid blir fantastiskt bra. Imponerande!


Det blev ju SÅ snyggt, och jag blev inspirerad! Så nu ska jag måla vår trappa, bara det tråkiga underarbetet först... Får jag fråga vilken slags fogmassa du har använt?



Sabina - jag använde vad jag hade hemma vilket råkade vara Sikacryl-HM latexfog.

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