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March 20, 2013


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I've done this a few times and by the way I still have the basil alive from last summer!!


I remember that post! We've done our basil that way ever since then and I love it! Every year those little guys sit in the water for what feels like forever, and just when I think it's failed those little roots start popping out.


Men vad är skillnaden från att bara plantera om? Man får fler "plantor"? Dvs man klipper i förgreningar?


De nya fräscha rötterna ger starkare plantor. Ofta är basilikan från butiken ganska hög och ranglig. Här kapar du i jordhöjd och sen stoppar du dessutom ner stjälken i jorden några cm när du planterar. Kortare, knubbigare och kraftigare skulle jag säga.


Detta ska testas!
Grymt bra tips! Använder ofta basilika i matlagningen och älskar dessutom doften i sig.


Does it work better than taking the potted basil from the small pot that it came from the grocery store and just planting the whole thing in a bigger pot outside? This is what I've done in the past. Just replanted the grocery basil in a bigger pot outside.
Do you change the water during the waiting-for-roots period or just add fresh one as it diminishes in the glass?


I feel it does work better because you shorten the stem and get new fresh root growth. The stems grow fatter and more robust.


Do you know if this works with other herbs too, or just basil? Fresh herbs are so expensive where I live.


Thank you.
Do you change the water during the waiting-for-roots period or just add fresh one as it diminishes in the glass?


I add fresh as it diminishes!


I've only tried with basil.


Hi, Benita, I remember this post too, and have used it, I like a lot of basil and it's so expensive to keep on buying it. It's interesting waiting for the rooting to start, thank you for the tip (a bit belated!) Mal


I wonder if this will work with the Basil I buy that is NOT potted....hmmmm gonna try.


Thanks for the tip! I've never taken it past the root sprouting stage. I leave the basil in a glass of water and it gets really rooty, so I trim back the roots and plunk it back in the water. Lasts a long time! Next time around, I'll try planting in a pot! :)

ann at thevelvetaubergine

I'm going to try it! I did somehow miss this the first time around.

Erin @ The Great Indoors

Good, cheap idea! I've also seen people do this with cilantro and other herbs. Definitely need to put this on my to do list.


Thanks for the tip! I'm going out to by some plants. Can you tell me where to find the attachment for the Pet bottles that is showen in your earlier post? I love the idea of reusing a water bottle!
Thank You In Advance!! Grace


Ah! Värt att prova. Frön är ju värdelöst.

Juliane at Modern Mural

I am always trying to figure out how to keep my basil plant happy. It always makes it through the summer, but once I bring it inside for the winter it's gone. Any tips on healthy indoor living for them? Thanks!


Sorry, no idea, by the end of summer I've forgotten to water mine so there's nothing to bring inside :).


I got mine at Designtorget her in Sweden but I've seen them on Amazon too! Try looking for Pet bottle spout there.

KMP Modern

What! It's that easy. I had no idea that basil would shoot out roots like that. We always buy a potted plant from the store, but now I will extend its life using your easy as pie method. Thanks for the great tip and love the photo!

Heather P.

I have never tried this, but it might be worth it now that I know I love homemade pesto!


How cool is that! I tried growing from seeds last year and the results were dismal. I ended up buying a few potted ones and just planted them directly. Going your route this year. Thanks!


Tack - I just cutted my basils and cannot wait the two weeks will go by. Do you use any fertilizer or just plain water?


Just plain water!


Is it normal for the shoots to be flopped over at first or did I shock them by cutting them too low?


If they're really skinny they might do that but leave them for a few days and see if they stabilize themselves. I usually skip the puniest stems and eat those right away :).


Oh no, my basils look now, after four days, "tired". The sort of lie on the edge of the glass... What to do? Is it still too freezing here in Finland that even the plants notice (though in side the house) that it is not yet the time to grow? Oh no... Or this is just one more sign that I do not have "the green thumb".


I'd say just leave them hanging there for a little longer. I'm sure they'll perk up. Maybe move them if they're by a draughty window to a warmer spot.

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