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March 05, 2013


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Looks great! I'm sure someone will comment that the box will overheat & explode or some such thing ;)


Probably :).It's really airy in there though and if I feel with my hand inside it's not even warm so it's ok. If anyone has any doubts though they shouldn't do it. As with everuthing on this blog, this works for me and I can't guarantee it works for anyone else.


Very practical.
You even have the TV screen somewhat coordinated with the subject of the post :-). First I thought, they were showing how to make a box on TV, but then I google-translated the subtitle "we have set-up a middle floor", so it's about putting up floors, but from what it looks like, the skills might be useful in making a box (if one needed to make a box for their sockets) :-).


I was watching Grand Designs :)


I'm looking for a small digital clock like that. May I ask where you got it from?


I'm afraid I can't remember where it came from, we've had it for years. Sorry.

Sandy (USA)

I like the look of the galvanized box mixed with white. Clean industrial like look and a plus for housing the wires. I too have a horrible pet peeve about wires showing AND the ugly caution huge stickers they put on the wires. Some people actually don't care that wires are all over the place and those ugly stickers that are attached to it are dangling all over. I use zip ties to gather the wires together nice and neat and hide them somehow. My husband says I need battery operated lamps and appliances then I won't have to worry about wires. He may just have something there! :) Oh, btw, I am green with envy cause of your white TV. I love it!

Debbie from Chicago

Looks very tidy. Where do you store all your DVDs? :-)


We do love our white TVs (there's also one upstairs in the den)!

ann at thevelvetaubergine

I do this too (baskets). Seriously, every house should have like 40 outlets per room so that everywhere you need to plug something in, you can do it directly behind that thing. Also, every cord should be white.


I own about 4 and I keep them in Wille's room :).


Hear, hear!

Heather P.

I really like this idea! We have a cord nightmare behind our television too, so this might be something I can look into to wrangle in some of the mess!

LOVE the white TV, by the way!


What a genius idea! Looks great Benita.


I've done something similar, but with a shoe box. Now I need to upgrade to something chic like you've used! :)

Elmer @ Elmer Pools

Looks like a pretty effective way to hide your cables. I would've never thought to do this until now. Great post!


Does your box have a lid? Or can you not see inside it?


It doesn't have a lid and you can't see inside unless you pull it out.

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