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March 22, 2013


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Hi Benita ! Got to love your straightforwardness ! I'm not a big fan of C. They advertise the "natural" content, but it is most of all only marketing.
I'll stick to my aleppo soap for my eczema-prone family.

PS: your second link to the J.C. wedbsite is broken.


Thank you, I fixed it!


And Mini of course scores 6 out of 5! She is so cute :)


Nothing like a good holla on a Friday morning :) - Happy Weekend!


She is indeed :)

April Louise

It's really great that you are so honest with your reviews.


I had no idea that you have a real name that is not your blog name. Probably naive of me. I hope it affords you the right amount of privacy. Good idea.


What I mean is I order as Benita Larsson and not as Chez Larsson :). Though people who don't know me sometimes e-mail me and say Hi Chez...


Well, since Miss Mini is there to supervise, I suppose all is well. ;)

I'd have a hard time reviewing something like a body wash. I like what I currently use and am so set in my ways I'd have to be SUPER impressed to change.


I agree with you that looking at advertising on products after I've bought them is not fun. My husband always laughs at me when I remove the labels. Alas, most of the time it's not easy.


Ooo, the watery-ness would drive me crazy! There is a fine balance, however: I have a hand soap that is really thick and leaves a sticky, spider-webby tail if you don't swipe the dispenser with your fingers as a last move when getting some soap. 3 out of 4 of us in the house don't do that step. :(


These aren't even removable, they're printed right on the bottle.


Ah, I know those. After a while the goo creates a little cap that suddenly releases itself. On you.


Ha ha, I just had that happen not once, but TWICE this morning! First with body lotion, then with my face cream. :-/


Haha! Sorry :)


I just wanted to say that your tortoise shell cat looks remarkably similar to my princess:)


Chez Mini! :-)

I give a smiley face to a very curious (and cute) cat.


Bra service är banne mig inte att förakta! :-)


I like The Jersey Company too! I used to buy Dermalogica from there before, when my finances allowed better stuff then "off the shelf pharmacy own brands":-).

And I'll take the chance to promote another company which I just ordered from for the first time, and by which I was super impressed: Wonderhair


They have haircare products at really good prices, and free postage over 300 kr- most other companies have the bar set at 500 kr.

I put my order through online last Thursday around 7 am, and the package arrived in my mailbox the next day!!!! With a nice hand written note thanking me for the order and wishing me a happy Easter!
If Wonderhair was a person, I'd want to marry them.


Haha, I'll check out your crush then :)


I'm just curious how you apply the wash to your body...
I always you a wash cloth or one of those scrunchy poof things and apply the body wash directly to it. Do you use your hands only? I'm a student of human nature couldn't help but ask!

Scrunchy poof thing:


Scrunchy poof thing:



I use my hands unless I'm exfoliating.

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