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March 08, 2013


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i come here always and never comment - but i have to concur...he's amazing. those eyes, that voice. and he can act. my husband might have a crush on him as well, after band of brothers.


I'm not into the war movies either , but band of brothers is an exception. outstanding.


Definitely dreamy. Hugh Laurie too. Those EYES...


Have you seen The Forsyte Saga? That was the first thing I saw him in, he plays a not very nice character but he's brilliant.

Rattling On

Try watching him in this http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Forsyte-Saga-Damian-Lewis/dp/B0000649HL if you get a chance. He's much better with his own accent!
I agree he's a dish...love men with red hair


I haven't seen it. We only realized he's British about a month ago. Wille and I were like "What?!"


I was just saying that we only realized he's British a short while ago. I said to Wille than we need to watch something where he speaks his own accent.


Never thought about it before, but I have a friend that looks a lot like him! But without the red hair! :)


Haha, Judith said it first - those Hugh Laurie eyes LOL!!! Only on second glance did I realise it was someone else... yup, Homeland is quite the thriller!


I'd recommend "The Baker". It's really funny!


Oh yes - he's great in this.

Mary H

I'm a big Damian Lewis fan (ever since Forsyte Saga) and was a fan of Life. Not positive why it was canceled, but the first season it got messed up by the writers' strike and second season it was moved around to several different time slots, making it very hard to keep up with.


You should make an exception for Band of Brothers. It is an amazing film. And Damian Lewis is a great actor.


I had no idea! Love him in Homeland--we are just starting that series.


I'm so with you on this, Benita! He's dreamy and I love him in Homeland (what a great show!). Have a great weekend!

Also, don't know if you're familiar with these or at all interested, but they're shows we've also loved: Mad Men, Dexter, Weeds and Breaking Bad.


Wille's seen Breaking Bad and Dexter and I started watching Mad Men but lost interest after a couple of seasons. I haven't seen Weeds but I've heard it's good!


In the US, Netflix carries The Forsyte Saga--that's where I first saw him. Perhaps you can check it out there? What a great actor--you really won't recognize him in the character.

Marcia M

I love Life, shame they canceled it, but i didn't know this actor is British. You girls should check Michael Fassbender and Jeremy renner, i'm a huge fan of them ;-)


Oooh, yes, dreamy! I was so disappointed when Life was cancelled. I think it may have had something to do with a TV writers' strike that year. Only the most popular shows survived.


Not Soames Forsyte!!??

Diane Williams

Oh yes, he deserves a spot on your list...which I loved, by the way. After watching Silver Linings Playbook, one might consider adding Bradley Cooper!!


I'm with Becky...think both my husband and I have a crush on Damien. I'm still not over the cancellation of Life. No closure. :(


Fat Cat

Uuuhhh, Damian Lewis is definitely in my top 3 :-) Thanks for the tip about "Life", it sounds awesome. I'm downloading as we speak...


Lives down the road from me and he's a nice guy too! (so is his wife, lovely actress Helen McCrory!)


OMG! Ok, you have to promise to blow him a kiss from me next time you see him. Haha! Not at all embarrassing for you.

I love the scenes in Life where they play against each other. I wonder if that's when they met or if they were already a couple?


I once saw him walking along South Bank with his family! This is ages ago though.


You should watch the Forsyte Saga. He was very young when he did that but his acting is brilliant.

Don Boys

Have you seen The Killing, The Bridge and Borgen, all Danish tv? I've love all of these.


I love love love Borgen and we did start watching The Killing but got lost in the episodes a bit so we need to start over I think. I started watching the first episode of The Bridge but I hated the main female character. I thought it was bad acting but later heard she was supposed to be awkward so maybe I just didn't get it.


War is not my thing either. I would never have chosen to watch this on my own, but I watched Band of Brothers with my family one year when I gave it to my husband for Christmas. It is excellent. It has become a Christmas break tradition with my family to watch together. It is as much about building a group and the dynamics as about the horrible war.

I bet Willie would love it if you watched it with him. Plus then you get to look at Damien for the whole thing ; D


It might be a bit of an acquired taste (lots of obscure Brit in-jokes) but the Divine Damian is a funny guy too - he occasionally hosts a popular current-affairs/comedy show here called 'Have I Got News For You'. Always entertaining...



Ooh, that's the first time I hear him speak with his British accent!


It's Wille's and Martin's thing to re-watch it ever so often so I'll let them have their thing I think :)


I agree, he's quite handsome! Friendly too! I was actually on one episode of the show Life-- Season 2 when Damien and his partner stop by a hostel. There's a group of Japanese girls who come down the stairs talking and one of them is me! You can only see my back briefly but I was credited as an actor in the credits!




I was a bit like you, saying that "war is not my thing" but then I met my husband and when we first started dating he told me that he had this tradition of watching BoB once every year and he wanted me to join him. I was not up for it at first, but we were dating and I was really in to him and wanted to show him (haha) so I agreed and thank god for that. Band of Brothers is THE BEST EVER. I don't think that there is anything that can match BoB when it comes to the story, the quality, the characters. It is just amazing and I highly recommend anybody and everybody, man or woman, to watch it at least once.

Lisa Walton

Band of Brother's is fantastic Benita. Well worth watching. I'm not into 'war' things either but I found it to be a very realistic depiction of war from all sides. Plus - he is just gorgeous :-)


Such an incredible series. I re-watch it at least once a year. An absolutely stellar cast, superbly done... you must invest in The Forsyte Saga, Benita.



Don Boys

She plays a character with Asperger's, and does that very well. She is extremely focused on the particular event, and unable to sense other peoples responses to her behavior. It's all acting, not the actor's real behavior. An American version will appear here in May.


I didn't watch more than 1/4 of an episode so maybe I'll give it another shot :). I heard they're doing a USA/Mexico version. Sounds interesting. Did they cast it yet?

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