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March 29, 2013


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have fun in nyc!!!

Sandy P. (USA)

Happy Easter ! Safe trip and have an awesome time in NYC!


Happy Easter. Bon voyage! Looking forward to your stories from NYC.


Glad påsk! Och ha det BÄST i NY om vi inte ses innan!

Stor kram S


Happy Easter to you! And many thanks for all the inspiration you bring. Every weekday morning starts with chez larsson along with my latte. And it is so cool that you seem to live by the principle of simple living without making a fuss about it.

Enjoy your vacation! And I guess your souvenires will include at least a few useful items :-)


Happy Easter, and have a wonderful trip!!


I love the basement stairs post!

And... when will you and Wille come to Chicago? It's not QUITE as big as NYC but we have many delights here as well!

Also do you read this blog? I wasn't sure, but it's definitely "you"



I do know Anna :)

Maybe Chicago next time!


Happy Easter and have a great time in the Big Apple!


Happy Easter! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time in New York.


Hi Benita, hope you had a great time in NYC! Can I ask what size block lamp you have? Is it a mini or a regular?


It's a mini!


Thanks Benita! I love it :)

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