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March 28, 2013


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It's very nice to see *YOU* in action ! Those pictures are lovely. And now, you have a long Easter weekend at home to recover for all this social networking ? ;)

Sarah Stäbler

Actually, when I saw your hair, I was like, "Oh, cute!" Haha! The growing-out stage is always tough. I'm currently in the process of growing out my bangs. The past four months have been a daily battle of wanting to cut them again so I don't always have them in my eyes. Your little ponytail is super-cute, though!


I was thinking the same as you, Sarah! I thought Benita's longer length looked just fine in the pics. :)


Benita, you look so feminine and sunny! You have a wonderful smile, girl! And the ponitail is so cute!..

Jannina Lahti

Oh I have been reading your blog few years now, every morning after you post. And I think I have never seen such a great smile on your face as you have in the fifth picture! You're such a beauty!

Terveiset Suomesta!


Oh, I think you look very hip-chic with your hair like that. And I love the green nails! Very spring-y.

The watercolor eggs are pretty! Maybe we'll add that to our egg-dying repertoire this year for a little change.


You know what? I think your hair looks great like that - the pics are great and you look lovely and most importantly as though you are really enjoying it! Happy Easter.


Thumbs up! Lovely to see the relaxed Benita - even if you didn't feel relaxed with somebody filming you.


Good looking nails! And like the rest of the gang, you look great in that ponytail!
I myself am growing out my dyed hair! That's worse because now I have a grey/white skunk line I can't disguise or hide!


Pretty you! Pretty eggs!
What's your method for painting them so nice and marble-y?
(p.s. Hellmann's has never looked so good!)


I just painted one coat and then dabbed some more. It dried much paler and chaliker though.


You look so cute and happy in these pics. Love the eggs!


It´s the first time I see you smile. You are beautifull!!


Great to see you in a different environment than your own home. Love the green nails - perfect for spring.

Heather P. at Fancy Alter Ego

Beautiful photos! It's always nice to see YOU in them once in a while! :-) I'm also loving the green nails...very spring!


Lovely! You are adorable!


So many things to talk about and you talk about your hair?! :-) I want to know what you're doing with the flowers and dirt....and the eggs, and the venue....all this and green nail polish!! (your hair looks fine, BTW. We've all been there....)


I agree with the reader who commented "It´s the first time I see you smile. You are beautifull!!" And please show us how to paint those lovely eggs! If not this year, maybe next year!

By the way, the messy up do look in very chic right now, so you are en vogue!


I loved your hair pulled back it looked very chic!


Smile more often! It suits you.


I love your nails! Did you do them? I never figured you for a green nails kinda girl so surprise to me! Thanks for showing us these photos.


Hej Benita, Min kommentar är på svenska idag, det går lite snabbare för mig att skriva på svenska.
Det var jättekul att se dig på videon och jag håller med de andra som kommenterar. Vi gillar att se dig le! På de (få) bilder som du har lagt på bloggen tidigare, och som jag tror du själv har tagit ser du alltid alvarlig ut. Det är inget fel på att vara alvarlig men det är härligt att se ditt leende när du går runt och pysslar med det du gillar och inte tänker på att någon annan tittar på dig. Jag och alla andra som läser din blogg ofta, tycker ju att vi känner dig. Vi vill att du ska ha det bra, därför så härligt att se ditt leenede.! Jag läser också gärna mer om hur du målar äggen. /Lena


Hair looks cute, and your nails are superb!

Fröken Prickig

The har do is fine! Have a nice easter:)


You look so nice Benita:-). Hair like this is now very in ;-) and after I saw green nails I have to admit you are even more cool then I thought! And that was already much.
Great smile and amazing profile! Happy easter!

Marcia M

Seems that WE ALL liked your hair do and your nails :-) ...and your smile!


Love the hair! Love the decorations! Love the eggs!


Love your blog - my favourite! I also paint our eggs with watercolours, I use Lyra and they always turn out beautiful.


Always late, I echo what other fans said. Lovely to see you smile. Nothing wrong with your hair!


I think you look very pretty.


So glad you smiled in one of the photos. You looked SO. SERIOUS. And it was such a lovely gathering. Awesome pics!


The hair is cute. Informal, casual, perfect for a craft day!


I did not know your hair is already this long - you look very beautiful! Looking forward to pictures of you with even longer hair, After seeing you in these photos I just know it will be fabulous!


Ooh, I love the green nails! Please post the video if you get it. :)


Dessa bilder gjorde mig GLAD idag! Kul att få en glimt av dig :)

Mrs Blandings

I like the eggs! How did you paint to get that nice marbled effect?
Love your blog!


I just loaded the brush with water color paint and brushed and dabbed a little after.


In real life Benita actually smiles all the time! And yes she is very pretty. (feeling very smug saying that as she is my look alike... ;))

Mrs Blandings

Thank you so much Benita! I'll try next year!

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