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March 06, 2013


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There's one you may like, Minimalist design for Nava by Naoto Fukasawa.
I have the black tote (comes with a zipper closure and green lining) and I love it!
Right size, super soft leather.
A bit pricey, but lasts forever!



Thank you so much! It looks really nice! I forgot to mention that I prefer the tote to be "portrait" and with short handles (that don't go over the shoulder)though.


Jag kan rekommendera märket Relic. Köpte min i USA för några år sedan och älskar den!
Webbsidan är färgglad, men många kommer i svarta nyanser :-)

RC in NY

Classic New England workmanship. Pricey but guaranteed for life.

Very cool bags, very Brooklyn. Handmade from recycled material by a wife/husband team and I suspect they'd be open to custom modifications (like no shoulder strap for those who prefer bags without).

Just bought this one in black for myself. No nonsense meets cool. :)

RC in NY

Haha "portrait" is a good way to describe a bag as well as a printer setting! Over here (NY), when bag shopping, I see that shape termed "north south." The wider, shorter bags are of course "east west". :)


They have that one too, of course. :) just browse the N-leather range.


Oooh, I LOVE the first one!




That's a great one!

RC in NY

I love the Lotuff also. I tend to hold out for quality, classic bags and have ones that have lasted 30 years and have been in constant use. That said, they weren't cheap. But when I amortize the cost out over a number of years and account for the fact that the bag gives me pleasure every day, it's actually a great deal. Of course, they last so long I don't need to shop for bags that often. Which explains why I am having so much fun shopping vicariously for you!


I have liked my Picard brand ( http://www.picard-lederwaren.de/en/home/ ) shoulder bag. I've had it more than five years and I use it daily, now the shoulder strap is very worn out and I do need to get a new one. But that brand has proven to be very good in quality. I do think that this brand can be more easily bought from europe than states though since it's a german brand.

Lorna from Atlanta

My suggestion is to wait till you get here and then go to any TJMaxx and Marshall's and go to their designer purses area. It's hit and miss but you can score some great stuff there


Kanske i enklaste laget men kolla:


Haha, I'll remember that!


Thank you!


Great, thanks!


Hi Benita,
I really LOVE my Furla bag. The quality is Great!
They have an Online Shop and I thought you might like the tote "Gemini".
It comes in Black and the shor Straps are White - a colour you quite like :o)

Greetings from Germany,


Jättefin men lite i sladdrigaste laget :)




The Gemini tote is lovely!


Dear Benita,
On the website you mentioned it says:
wig 51 verkrijgbaar in de kleuren nude, cognac orange, tan brown, red, smoke, mud, olive en black.
Translated: wig 51 is available in the colours [...] and black.
So possibly it ís available in black after all!


Hi Benita,

do you know the Canadian company M0851? they have the softest leathers I have ever seen, and very timeless designs:

Also, the clothing....


Oh my, must go check it out!


I hadn't. Love the tote with the sholder strap removed!


I haven't looked at all the other links jet, but one of my favorits is the Fossil Explorer Tote and they have it in black too.


It's nice but has a bit too much detail for my taste :)

Ana from Portugal

How funny that you, the girl with a love for white, should have everything black in your bag!


You might also like these: http://lumiaccessories.com/category/products/


Thank you!


When it comes to dressing and wearing I'm mostly all in black, denim or grey :)


You can ride a bike and have your mobile in your back pocket?

Idea for a bag - Kate Spade. This brand is cheaper in USA then in Europe.





Picard is also great. Old german brand. Great quality for reasonable amount of money.





Lumi has also great bags (great green colour...

What I carry around (in one big dark green rucksack)- mobile, pencils, notepad, make up, deo, parfum, hand cream, wallet, sun glasses only during summer, some medicine, a book, sometimes laptop, grocery bag.


I love Kate Spade but none ov the bags in the current collection tickle my fancy. I will visit the store though for sure!


Coach has started to bring back their classic leather styles. There are several totes I have my eye on. I am sure there a several stores in NYC.


Coach is on my list :)


Some less expensive (whoa...that first link was beautiful but I got sticker shock!) you might check out are llbean and sundance catalog...they usually have some very nice ones. Www.Llbean.com and www.sundancecatalog.com . Good luck!


I have three white with black LLBean Boat & Totes in various stages of wear :). I haven't checked them out for a while though, will do so tonight!


Ahhhhh...the joys of British and American English...or shall I say differences. At first I had to wonder...what on earth is a bike torch and why would she need to set fire to her bike. I know it gets cold there, but still. Then I took a look at the picture and realized it was a flashlight. LOL I thought I was pretty "up" on my British equivalents, but I learned something new today. LOL Thanks for the laugh. :)

La Mitch

I began to make bags weeks ago (because my job as a webdesigner is sometimes boring). You can have a look here : http://lamitch.wordpress.com/

One of them is in Sweden, somewhere in Åkersberga !

They are fabrics bags cause I don't work leather for the moment.

Have a nice day !

Michèle / La Mitch


I second the recommendation for M0851 - they have a store in Soho now - I think on West Broadway.

Right now I have a Baggu leather bag in black. It's ok - no lining and no inner pockets, which I don't like. But I like the shape and the quality of the leather:

They carry them at Purl Soho (though I don't know if they stock black):


Love the look of the Baggu but for me it wouldn't be practical without any pocket.

Claire Mueller

This one is pricy, but very unique!


And this one is a much better price


And this one is very cool


And a cool grey one




so many good suggestions...! Century 21 also has a great selection of bags (at least their location at Lincoln Center does) in all price ranges. Their selection changes every day, though.


I'm sure it's the Canadian in my, but for great quality leather goods I always turn to Roots: http://canada.roots.com/womens-totes/leatherTotes,default,sc.html


don't forget.....you can buy FABULOUS bags from NYC sidewalk vendors!


I am just having fun checking out all these bag links even if I am rather shocked at what you all are paying for them! Holy moly... But, like you say, if you keep them for years and use them a lot the cost doesn't seem so bad. I am LOVING those Canadian Roots ones.


I love the m0851 bags, they are simple, durable, classical and esthetic: http://www.m0851.com/boutique/utilisations/totes-shopping-bags/.
I bought 2 of them years ago, and they still look fresh. This shop comes from Montreal (Québec, Canada), but there is a boutique in New York city on Broadway. You might want to take a look there. It's always nice to buy utility products abroad, then you continue to travel long after you come back :-) Good luck!


Love the French tote! In black please and with shorter handles :)


Thank you!


I know! Real leather is expensive but when I think of how much I've used the bag in the photo I'm prepared to splurge!


Thank you!


I have been looking for the right work tote for YEARS. It's ridiculous! My unreasonable need is longer straps so I can sling it on my shoulder with one hand. No one makes bags with longer straps. I have bought so many totes and all of them don't work -- too loud, too heavy, straps too short, bag is tall not wide, etc.

Over the weekend I found the perfect tote (for me). It is cloth (not leather), lightweight, has pockets, it's rectangular (needed for my computer), and the straps are long enough! It was only $12 too.

Sorry I can't recommend a leather bag for you!

Annelise in Edmonds

I just bought this one in saddle, but it comes in black, too! I LOVE it so far! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000XVDXPA/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Benita -- I mentioned in an earlier comment that I am moving, anyway I have moved and I am unpacking. I have found a giant Martha Stewart Gardening book I don't want any more. It is quite heavy. Do you have any interest? I would only want you to pay for shipping, but it could be pricey since it is a heavy hardcover book. I also have some of her smaller books, like "Special Occasions", "How to Decorate" and such.

These are in my charity shop box for now. I thought I'd ask you before I get rid of these.


I love my bag from mandarina duck! I have a black one from leather! But unfortunately you cannot buy this bag anymore!


That's so sweet of you, but I have a gardening book by her and those other two too :). Good luck unpacking. I loved that part, finding the "right" spots for everything :)


Thank you!


I have the opposite problem. I want the shortest straps I can get because I always carry bags in my hand or on my arm, never on the shoulder. I even had the straps on the bag in the photo shortened for that very reason :). All I ever see is bags with long straps, haha!

Ellen Anderman

check out the bags at Barcelona SLANG - on-line


Maybe you`ll like these: http://www.siribrodersen.no/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=68_71
(Norwegian shop, but i bet she´ll send to Sweeden.)


Thank you so much everyone!



There's definitely a black version of the bag.
Just follow the link.


Just found your website and I can't wait to start all my home organization projects!

That being said I found some purse option's you may like that are sold in the US.

I'm not sure how large of a purse you are looking for. But the largest is


if that is too big they have smaller ones that you can fold and carry in your hand or use the cross body strap


and the even smaller version


I found another that has the short handles but is still a rather large bag



When I clicked on the picture on the link, a brown version also appeared--can you contact the manufacturer directly?

Would you ever consider a sleek leather backpack that can become a tote or shoulder bag by using the zipper? Check out Levenger at http://www.levenger.com/Bags-11/Women-s-Bags-1001/Travel-Bags-1005/Marley-Teardrop-Multi-Zip-Backpack-Core-7478.aspx. I use one very similar to this--it's my only bag and is a lifesaver, especially when shopping. Holds more than it looks. Also, Levenger has leather totes. The company is best known for high-end office supplies and organization but has a nice selection of briefcases and handbags.


Do search on etsy. There are so many beautiful handmade bags there.


Another vote for m0851. I have the large hobo and love love it, but the new nomad collection is also lovely. There's a shop in Soho on W. Broadway. Trevlig resa!


Thanks so much everyone!


The convertible backpack is nice!

fritzi flügge

i love ally capellino http://www.allycapellino.co.uk/

and you might like to have your hands free from time to time while wandering new york, i would imagine.


I thought the same! Then I saw the item and thought -- "well, flashlight!"


Absolutely - my purse is a smallish tote in my favorite blue, and the straps are adjustable. Got it at Marshalls for $22!


Well I have one of these bags and you are welcome to it. It's not real leather though. I bought it for my computer just a few short months ago and I just don't like it. And I can't return it!

It is portrait oriented, which is what I don't like (for my laptop). It has short handles and also a long strap you can clip on to brass fittings to sling on your shoulder if you like.


You are welcome to the one I have -- if you want to pay the shipping. It shouldn't be too expensive. Otherwise it's just going to the Goodwill.




Här har du ett till förslag...




Those Foley bags are niiiiiccceeee...


Thank you so much, Michelle, but I have several cloth bags and since I abuse my bags so much by tossing them in my snowy bike basket it needs to be leather. So sweet and generous of you though!


Väskor från decadent är underbara


Även rizzo har en hel del fint


Franziskaklee.de handgemachte Ledertaschen. Sehr tolle Qualität. Momentan hat sie keine richtige Tote bag im Sortiment, die fertigt aber nach Kundenwunsch. :)


You could try yeswalker.com they have amazing and affordable bags. Or yesstyle.com


Tack! Min gamla väska (den på bilden) är just från Rizzo!


I love Rickshaw bags (made in San Francisco!) This one made me think of you:



Rib & Hull Heirloom Leather Tote. You will need one in a life time. Pricy but you will only cry once. After you get it you will love it.
It has only one interior pocket and magnetic closure. I got mine and got rid of all of my other bags.


Thank you all!!!


Go have a look at Hayden Harnett. I'll never buy a bag from anyone else ever again. The quality is far beyond the price, and they are gorgeous. The ones I have have stood up to no end of daily abuse. AND they are lovely people.
On my wishlist is a new Havana Hobo and the Milton Satchel.


Black leather tote från Patkas på Etsy eller via jlevau-shop.se. Eftersom den är handgjord går den säkert att beställa med kortare remmar.

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