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March 01, 2013


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My favorite pinners are:
And Mrs. French, as well.
Stacy London, particularly her Hand Candy board, as I'm obsessed with jewelry, mostly rings.
Lindsay *Darling Clementine*


And Zsú's stuff IS just lovely - will be following her now!!

Claire/Just a little less

Hi, I'm fairly new to pinterest so great to get some more inspiration. Love the consistency of these boards. Pinterest is a dreamy place. Happy weekend xo


Actually, I just spent ages browsing YOUR Pinterest boards, which I greatly enjoyed... great concept but haven't signed up to P myself, yet! Probably should - same as you, used to have stacks of magazines, now far fewer and even those on my ipad I seldom mark any pages of interest :(


I discovered Pinterest a few weeks ago, after reading your blog for months...it is a great source of inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing your work and your world!
Kisses from the French Provence


I love Pinterest and follow far too may but have just signed up to two of the above and I know if you like them I will too!


My Clothing&Style board is THE inspiration for when I'm shopping. I've been pinning a lot lately since I'm right in the middle of a major weight loss (6kg down, 15 to go) and I'll shop 'till I drop as soon as I get to my desired weight.


I find it interesting that the "interior inspiration" board has quite a lot of interiors with unpainted-wood elements while you paint most of your wood white!

There must be a wood-loving person somewhere deep within you? ;)


Ha, I didn't realize that! But then again I don't repin everything Zsú pins, but I do love A LOT of her pins :)


Way to go, Andrea!


The last link doesn't work. Looks like she renamed her board.

Just FYI. :)


She did! I fixed the link, thanks!


I agree with you completely! My magazine consumption has decreased dramatically since I've been turned on to pinterest. Same with a lot of blogs. (I must say your blog is still my # 1 read. Keep up the superior work!) Laurie


Duh! It never occurred to me to look at someone's whole board! I usually follow and re-pin just in the current "feed". Thanks!

Lorna boot

Pinterest is my obsession because I'm an idea freak. I love the photography in esprit champ être, kin folk and of course my own.:)


I totally agree, whenever I buy a magazine lately I am inevitably disappointed. My favourite ones are out of print. And others I like do not see, to be imported anymore or just hard to get.

I have blogs I read everyday (yours of course!), plus Im loyal to apartment therapy - not everday as I waste so much time there - but whenever I need a 'magazine' fix, as it has a bit of everything.

Im getting a new tablet next week and I can't wait - reading from the net while cosy on the couch will seem much more like a magazine!

I guess the other reason why I tend not to buy so many magazines, is that I prefer to buy books now - and really for the price of 3 or 4 magazines I can buy a nice home book or cook book.


I'm just now looking into Pintrest: one friend actually warned me against it because she was afraid I would spend even more time online looking at decor. ;) I find online blogs more fun because they are more frequently updated than magazines and because many have a more personal spin. One favorite is Apartment Therapy. It used to be pretty snarky but the editors seem to be doing a better job of monitoring it. A link from AT is how I discovered your blog.


I stopped reading AT for that very reason several years ago. I don't even read the posts where they feature me anymore because the comments are so snarky. It's nice of AT to feature me but sometimes I almost wish they didn't.


Thanks for sharing this! I am not registered at pinterest but would like to follow some of the boards. If I save those links you gave and look from time to time it should work or? I am only not able to repin?
Are the newest pins on the top of the page of a particular person?


I think you can look at boards via the links but if you want to repin to save you need to register. When you do register you will get the latest images from the people you follow in a feed and can repin from there or pin images from anywhere around the web via a pin marklet that you download to your computer.


Love Pinterest! and your blog :) Are you on Instagram? Tack för en superbra blogg!


Jag är inte på instagram. Har inte lyckats ta en enda bild med min iPhone som jag ens är halvnöjd med :)


Jodå :) det är himla roligt faktiskt! Säg till på bloggen om du skaffar det. Men ska börja följa dig på Pinterest!

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