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March 18, 2013


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Claire/Just a little less

Love the simple Easter tree. Have a good week xo


Ah, the Easter tree... bummer with allergic children sometimes.

the spectator

I can not even imagine what it would be like to have temperatures of -17. Brrr.


Well, it's too bad that Bonus just can't seem to get comfy, poor baby. ;)




Brrrr! That cold sounds extreme! Hope it doesn't last for too long at that low temp! Your fruit looks lovely! Out of curiosity, where does your fruit originate, seeming it is too cold this time of year for it to be local? Here in California, while we are able to grow many things year round, we import a lot of produce from Chile and Mexico to have summer fruits in winter and vice versa.


Hey Benita, i really like your blog, although i don't write one by myself! Your house looks so nice an clean and comfort ;-) - so I would really like to know: How do you "fight" against the cats hair on the sofa and the pillows? Any trick? In spring i fall annually into despair with two house cats on the white sofa...

Thanks a lot and greetings from Germany,

Marcia M

Awww, i love you new black & white pillow called Bonus, seems so soft and cute :)


Great shots. Congrats, Wille on taking a break from sweets and soda!--you can DO IT!!

One of my favorite treats is a sliced / diced apple, sprinkled with cinnamon and heated in the microwave for 1–1 1/2 minutes. It turns a simple apple into DESSERT, and it keeps me from splugring on sweets. (Sometimes I put a dollop of yogurt on it to add creaminess.) Thought it was worth sharing! :-)


It gets imported from all over the world southern parts of Europe, US etc.


You can find some answers here: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2009/03/fakq.html


I'll try that for Wille!


That Bonus Belly is just BEGGING for a good rub! :)


Make him some home made Larabars, look on line for your favorite flavored recipe


Yes I heard it's reaaally cold in Sweden right now. Our niece actually had to play a soccer game the other day outdoors in Linköping! Hoping the temps climb before we fly in from Boston next week for Påsk!

Have fun at your event!

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