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March 25, 2013


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Claire/Just a little less

I look forward to hearing more... smart table setting and venue. Have a more relaxing week xo


Uuuuuuh, sounds exciting!!!


Oh I feel for you - that's exactly how I feel at those networking gatherings. But give me something to do and I'm fine! Looking forward to hearing more about what you did there.


Bleh, I hate work parties too. Why can't all those needy extroverts just leave us contented introverts alone? :)


Tee hee!


I'm with ya on feeling self-conscious and wall-flowerish unless I have a task. I sometimes try to get to especially "dreadful" events right on time or a few minutes early so I can help with any last minute preparations and look like an "insider" when other guests arrive.

Love that little bunny on the Hellman's labels! :)

Michelle of Montreal

Yay for mustering up the courage to go to an event. I too am generally hesitant about going to random events with random people, but I find that it can be really good to break out of the routine from time to time and do something out of character.


I feel the same way about events.

Do you consider yourself a introvert? I highly recommend reading The Introvert Advantage by Marti Laney. It changed my life. I have never felt more understood than while reading that book. Among other things, she gives tips on how to handle parties and social events.


I'm SO an introvert. I'm happiest by myself doing my own thing. Unless I'm with Wille of course or with a close friend (of which I have two). Will check out that book immediately!


Oh Benita how cute is this???



Very :)


Oh, I DO very much relate - I feel shy in those kind of crowds as well. I´m just a homebody I presume. :-)

I´m almost done with the new blog (I emailed you about it earlier this year) - some fixing left of course but it will do for now. It would be great if you could take a look with your good eye: http://tinajoathome.com/

Thanks in advance, any opinion appreciated! :-)


Well done! I'm terrible at networking in real life situations too. It's great that you plucked up the courage to go. x


I don't like events either but if you went more you'd know more people and then wouldn't feel so awkward about it at following events!!! Networking (apparently, though I am no good at it) is a learned art coupled with your personality! GO GET 'EM!


Another good book is called Quiet, about introverts. The table setting is so pretty.


Being an introvert as well, I feel the same when going to parties like that - or parties at all if they're not given by someone in my (rather small) social circle.


Wondered when the stair cleaning would kick in!
Looking forward to the video! x

Maria G.

I usually feel very excited and amped up for any event or gathering but by the time it’s over I usually laze out and don’t feel like doing anything too. Would be waiting for your new posts and your video.

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