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March 13, 2013


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Very creepy indeed. I like it!

Helen F

Wow! Love Henri Cartier Bresson but this new guy is just great. As you mentioned, is it a photograph or a painting?


This looks really great! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! :)


Wow. A photographer from my country who I've never heard of... Thanks for the tip!


Spooky and weird, but at the same enticing. That girl on the first photo looks like she has a porcelain face like Victorian dolls. A poltergeist? Suddenly it feels like Halloween ;-).

Menage Lille

I'm agree with you. Very strange porcelain face. I think can't sleep with this in my bedroom. But it's nice and strange.

Rita from designmegillah

Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


Very cool! "I like the colors and weirdness"--Exactly!!! :)


Same here, also never heard of our fellow Dutchmen. But indeed, great tip!

Rosália Moreira

Hello Benita!

we know that today people look to photos as pieces of art. And they sale like real art. I like photos but, to me, 99% of them aren't art: they are only beautiful.Photos by Ruud van Empel belongs to the other 1%.


Juliane at Modern Mural

These are stunning and so unique. Somehow they're dark and bright simultaneously.


So cool! What I notice is that each picture is simultaneously high contrast (color wise) and "flat" (doesn't seem fully three-dimensional)--juxtaposed with the detailed surface of each image--maybe that's why it looks so real and not real at the same time. Or maybe I've had too many glasses of wine. ;)


Wow! Thanks for passing that on - so great!


What a beautiful exhibit! Thank you for sharing it with us!
I love all the colors used.

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