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March 12, 2013


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Aaaaaaaaaaaah, why oh why didn't you write about these ziplock doors a year ago? Could have spared me tons of dust throughout the house. Too bad! Never mind, NOW I know they exist and will give hubby one for his birthday before he starts putting up and smoothing out and sanding any more drywalls. Hahahaha :-)

Ramona K

Aaaargh...Benita, you have sneaked in and photographed my basement stairs! I have to admit I´ve been hoping you would start on yours before I got round to mine. I am so excited. Like you, I´ve checked out the many alternatives but so far I haven´t found any method which doesn´t involve emptying the piggy bank.

In Uppsala our gardens are still covered with snow so I can´t make the usual excuse that outdoor jobes are taking up my time. If you´ve hit on a good way of doing the stairs, I´m up for it.


Nifty invention those plastic doors with a zipper. Looking forward to the "after" photos of the stairs.

Dana in CT

My husband and I just sanded and re-oiled the floors in our den and after we had sanded the worn bits down the floor already looked so much better - just like your stairs!

Can't wait to see the new product and the end result. Have a good day!


Very exciting! Can't wait to see what this mystery fix will be!! And, hooray for you for being a time over-estimator! Unfortunately, I am an under-estimator. I need to figure out my factor, so I can estimate, then times by 2 (or 3, or 4!)


Another stair saga! ;) I remember how hard you worked on the upper stairs, ultimately painting them white. That result looked terrific--how have they held up? And I wonder whether you are going to paint these white as well. . . I recall that staining didn't work out before . . .


They've held up really well actually. As for the color on these, all will be revealed soon :).


Hi Benita, did you use your mouse sander? I recall that you got a new one not so long ago after the old one finally gave out. How do you like the new one? I ask because I could really use a palm sander, but I'm not sure that the current model is the one to buy. It's gotten mixed reviews on Amazon. Thanks very much!


Denna frågan hör inte till ditt trapprojekt även om det ska bli kul att se vad du ska hitta på. Blir det ett trappkit månne?

Nej, min fråga som jag inte såg någon vits till att fråga på de amerikanska sidorna är: vad i hela världen använder du dig av för lim när du sätter etiketter? Man vill ju ha något som sitter samtidigt som man har en chans att få väck dem när sakerna byter plats. Om man nu inte använder Dymo som går att ta bort.
Något tips?

Tackar och bockar på förhand.



Jag brukar på typ syltburkar köra med limstift på utskrivna pappersetiketter. Limmet går bort när man blöter bort etiketten. Borde funka även på andra underlag.

Och nej, ett trappkit är det inte frågan om :).


I did and it works well but I do prefer the simpler mouse without the option with the rotary sander. The reason? My new sander is heavier and I need both hands to do for example edges whereas the smaller mouse I could easily hold in one hand.


Jag har alltid tänkt på limstift som något som torkar och trillar av så det är ju självklart att det borde funka :)



Great to know, thank you. I love your blog, by the way. I read it every day and have gotten a few things recommended on your Amazon page. I'm also always impressed by how well you write -- and in a non-native language no less!


years of dust in our childhood home renovation might have been spared! supersmart. can't wait to see your solution. i shall store it with other ideas for my imaginary house :) x

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