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March 28, 2013


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Heather P. at Fancy Alter Ego

This video made mayonaise look so...cool! You did a great job styling the table - I love the simplicity of it, which showcased the AMAZING food so well!

Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

WOW that was a terrific video. Excellently cut and while I am probably not going to be a mayonnaise fan ever, that video really, really made me miss being around creative people with an eye for details.

I also loved how everyone was so busy twittering and photographing at the event. What a fun event!


Beautiful video! Really well done. Love your styling and the food looks delicious!

May / amycapdet

Very inspiring, loved seeing you 'in action' and how relaxed you looked... Thank you for this beautiful video :)


I want those chocolate eggs with the hot raspberry sauce! Was there cake inside? All the food looked so good.


It did look hilarious in the kitchen with all the amazing food at one end of a counter and then a pile of DSLRs at the other :)


There was!


eee! there you are! right in the opening!!! eeeee!!!


Do I hear the HGTV network calling?
Great little video and it's so nice to see you "live".
Looked like it was a great evening.


What a beautiful video! You should do television you look so
Relaxed & cool doing your thing, Easter greetings from Scotland


eeee indeeeeed!


Just lovely! Thank you for sharing!


The video and you look just great.
Who were those people cooking? Real cooks or bloggers?
I like your jewellery! So cool!


They are very talented food bloggers!We were asked to wear something colorful and since I own no such thing I borrowed some faux coral jewellery at work. Colorful but not really me. In hind sight I should have just skipped it actually. Glad you like it though :)

RC in NY

Well, Benita, recalling your comment about possibly looking dorky at the event, I viewed the video with your concerns in mind. On the Dreaded Dork Factor Scale where 0 is no trace of dorkiness and 10 is, um, let's just say unfit for social gatherings ;-), I'm pleased to announce that you appear to register a whopping . . . zero!
Glad you decided to share it with everyone. :-)

Ana V.

I love it.


LOVE the video and the music! It looked like a really fun event...
Loved your green nail varnish too :D
Your styling was A1 as always
Hope you had a HAPPY EASTER


Beautifully shot, but the best part about the video was the song selection. Nate King Cole FTW.


Nat* King Cole. My fingers shorted out.

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