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April 30, 2013


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Och nöööööö😕 Too bad this is it till next Monday

I was just eagerly waiting for today's post, because I was up first, the home was nice and quiet, the sun shining through the window, the birds singing, the churchbells started to ring, 7 o'clock on the pad YEEEEEEES Benita time.
Well, what can I say? My internal clock is some minutes early and the church, too, I guess.
How little minutes can strech to aaaaaaaaaages when you reload and reload and reload and reload a page😆
Guess I'm an addict.
Have a safe journey!

Sandy (USA)

Definitely cool tags as are the skeleton keys. The organization ... Impeccable as usual! Well, I guess this is it until Monday then. That means hitting up the archives at 1:30 A.M. when I can't sleep or while having my coffee break at work. (Sigh!) I admit, I'm addicted! Safe travels! :-(


I love the labels, and I love that you kept the original labels. I keep all my old unknown-lock keys, too. I just know the second I throw one away, the thing it opens will turn up.


Ha det skönt i Skåne och hoppas mamma mår bra!


It's such a great feeling when you organize something that has been a nuisance at home, isn't it? Enjoy the time with your Mom. See you on Monday.


That's a lot of keys!
Have a good trip - don't let your mum work you too hard!

Fröken Prickig

Som vanligt min förebild inom organisering och smarta lösningar:) Ha en trevlig resa!

April Louise

Great idea, I really like the labels and with all those keys you would need to keep them organized!


Have a nice time with your mom :-)
Was there a post already about those white hooks holding the keys on the cabinet door?


jja - yes I posted about them here: http://www.chezlarsson.com/myblog/2011/07/keys.html


if you label the hooks as well you will know which key is missing on an empty hook,
good ?? idea from someone who keeps all keys unlabeld

Die Rabenfrau

I love your label-holders! Did you really remember which key goes where without them? I have some of those magnetic hooks on my door frames in order to hang sweet nothings...


Even your keys are cool!

Debbie from Chicago

Benita, you will be missed! Does your Mom have a list of things for you to do while you are there? Hope you have a great trip.


I love magnetic hooks! I use one on my refrigerator to hang my dish towel.

Also, once you decide the keys in the basement are no longer needed, you can make a wonderful windchime from them. Old keys clink together with delightful tinkles!


Debbie - My mom does have a list :).


Die Rabenfrau - I remember a lot of them but once in a while I've had no idea and those times I wish I had labeled everything, Now it's done. Yay!


Sorry to ask about something completely different, but I remenber you recommending a beaty product web shop from the uk which had great customer service? Tried to search this blog but could not find it :-)

Sandy (USA)

Hi there again Benita - Not post related, but I had to come back and tell you that I finally figured out who Wille resembled ... young Matt Damon in the 1992 movie "School Ties". Take a look. Ok so now that I just made myself sound creepy, I'll get on with my day. :-)


Three words : You. Are. Amazing!
kisses to your mom ;-)

Heather P.

Wow...that is a LOT of keys! Glad to see you got them organized! I have a few on my key ring that go to who knows what...haha!

Hope you have a good time visiting your mother!

Sue Alabama

Hi Benita...were can I get the label holders? In Germany they love to have the ugly platic ones :(

Sue Alabama

plastic :)

Nancy in Canada

I glad to know that I'm not the only one with a stash of old keys with no home. Have a lovely time with your Mom and can't wait to hear all about the projects that you are doing around her house.


Please be careful with extra keys. My house was broken into, and we didn't notice that the burglar stole an extra set of car keys. A few days later the car was stolen. That's when we discovered that several keys were taken and we had all the locks changed. It is much safer to store extra keys where they will not be found. The good news is that the police found the car, and it wasn't in bad shape.


Sue Alabama - I'm afraid I can't remember where I bought the ones I did buy years ago. Might have been in Hong Kong (their stationary and office supply stores are AMAZING!) The restcame out of a dumpster at the local police office at work :)


Amanda - It's http://www.jerseybeautycompany.co.uk/!


Creepy Sandy :) - He does! And Wille won't mind one bit as Matt's one of his favorite actors! And mine too!

KMP Modern

I really like those key label holders you found, lean and rectangular. I've never seen ones like that. Congratulations on organizing! Sometimes you just need to get in there and just do it. Also, I love the look of those European skeleton keys. I wish those types of locks were more popular here in the US.


If I were you, I'd frame the photo of the final look of the label holders, just for the aesthetic value of it. Really loved it!


Years ago I offered to drive my Dad and stepmother to the airport. When I arrived, they were still packing, and then they had to find the keys to their luggage locks. They had ALL THE KEYS THEY HAD EVER OWNED in one enormous jar..... They ended up taking it to the airport with them and sorted it out there. How I wish they had had some Benita in their genetic makeup!

Sue Alabama

thank you Benita :D

Rattling On

I have the front door key, the car key, shed key and one for work. I don't even own a padlock let alone a key cabinet!! (Or a gun cabinet come to that...)


Thank you so much!


Oh wow, some of those keys are gorgeous. Love the detail.

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