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April 10, 2013


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Hi Benita

Will you share the adresses for the army-related stuff? I am going to NYC with my two teenage sons this July and I m sure they would love to go to places like that.
Thank you for a great blog.
Best, Ulla from Denmark


On Monday I have a separate post coming up with the shopping we did and I'll add the stores that were closed in it for you!


A wand was purchased?! SO COOL.


Love your pics from this trip!


Thank you! I decided to bring my DSLR after all. Super heavy to carry around all day but worth it in the end :).


Great photos - I'm loving this daily dairy of your trip. thanks


Great photos Benita. And, wow, stumbling on the HP exhibit...cool!


I am enjoying your report from New York. Great photos.
If Wille is a big Harry Potter fan, I recommend the Worner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, UK. I took my daughter there last spring and it was FANTASTIC! She wrote a guest post about it on my blog:


sorry you had such cold weather...we have skipped Spring entirely and have gone right into Summer. It was 80 F (26.6 C) today, and I actually wore sandals. (and Starbucks IS good for pit stops...but much better coffee is to be found elsewhere...)


It looks awesome!


Benita, if Wille wants to go, please look at the Worner Bros website http://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/ . You need to book tickets in advance. All info is on the website.
The trip is well worth it. I like HP, but was never a huge fan, and this exhibit blew me away. We spent most of the day there and had a great time.


Better coffee? Where? I visit NYC frequently and would love to know of a place the locals like better than the ubiquitous SBUX.


Looks like a wonderful trip! NYC and London are cities that have it all imho. I love the serendipity in trips where you find things like the Harry Potter exhibit. That's all part of the flow!


Great photos! I especially love the one of Kaufman's, with that woman walking in high heels in the right hand corner. Great compostition!


Your photos are lovely. I wish I had your eye & skill. I particularly love the one at W 28th Street & Avenue of the Americas. Looking forward to the rest of the trip.


Yes! That woman makes the photo!!!


Aw, too bad the Army Surplus stores were closed, but the HP exhibit sounds fab! That photo of Kaufman with the woman about to exit the frame? O.M.G! Awesome!!


Beautiful pix of NYC. I'm curious though... you said you ususally try to stick to a LCHF diet. What is that?
Love your blog, Natasha


It's Low Carb High Fat. The low carb side works fine for me but I'm struggling a bit with the high fat of which I'm probably not eating enough of :)


Lovely pics, there´s just something about those grand cities..! :-)


NYC is pretty big, Christine, so it depends on the neighborhood, and everyone has their favorites of course. (Up here in Harlem, we have the Chipped Cup betwn 148 and 149 on Broadway...Lincoln Center has BreadSoul on Broadway around 63rd) Really any small artisanal coffee shop (keep your eyes peeled, you'll start noticing them everywhere) would serve you a better cup of coffee. And if you see a "Mud Truck" parked anywhere...well, there you go, you're all set.


But you do remember, the wand chooses the wizard, Mrs. Larsson.




Love it - thanks!


I know it's been said, but your pictures are really lovely. I pinned your image of the empire state building so I can share it with my art students.


I hope you don't mind!


No problem :)

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