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April 11, 2013


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Sandy P. (USA)

The Highline experience for me at first was not all that either, but then again, I too had gone when the weather was not great. Have since been there quite a bit this past year in the summer and it was very nice with all the plants and grass fully grown. There are some activities going on until closing time and a market with various vendors right below the Highline in front of the Thai restaurant. It's just a place to sit and relax a bit or walk through if you want to avoid the traffic on the street. I see the time difference for both of you was hard. We are 6 hours behind you if I'm correct? You have great pics though- love them!


Yeah, the six hour time difference did take its toll on us :).


Great post, Vanessa ;) And Wille looks handsome with that mustache!

So cool that you saw the Friends apartment - that's definitely going on our NY list too.

Claire/Just a little less

A Zen bike shop - I'm intrigued!


In the photo that looks down 27th street in Chelsea, the tallest building on the left is rather notable... it houses the headquarters of Martha Stewart!


It is all looking so brilliant, I am very jealous x


OMG, I passed and didn't even wave! :)


Wow..amazing really I like it.


Makes me want to go there. Lovely photos!!!!




Your boy is so adorable! He reminds me of mine!


If you and Wille are interested in tasting authentic (delicious!) Southern style food, then I HIGHLY recommend the Great Jones Cafe in the "Bowery" neighborhood. For the longest time it was just the orange bar on Great Jones St...But recently they've added a sign at the entrance ;-) Tiny place, GREAT Southern/Louisianan-style home cooking.


Good luck with the jet lag!

Debbie from Chicago

Benita, that Lion used to be a drinking fountain. Back in the 70's you could find them in many city parks across America.


So much fun seeing my city through your eyes. Who knew the "Friends" apartment was a destination? I know that people are always getting their photos taken in front of the diner that is featured on "Seinfeld". And sorry about the High Line...it's tricky...cold and windy is not so good, and warm and sunny it is crowded! You have to hit it just right....


OMG!! That is why it looked so familiar to me!!! Thank you, Debbie!!


Oh, he's the best. We have so much fun :).


I figured that out when I saw the little spout in the corner of the mouth. They actually had two available :)


Your pics are so great!!!

O in NYC

Diners are becoming quite rare in the city. So, for me, even an 80s pine-clad diner is an event these days!

I am so enjoying your New York Trip blogs. It IS great to see the city I live in through your eyes!


Amazing photos! And the bike looks really huge.


You guys look like your having a great time. Congrats to you:)


I could understand Juanita (rhymes with Benita), but Vanessa? ;-)
Getting ready to go to Brooklyn with you tomorrow.


Only two years after moving to this block I realized what was so special about that building that all the tourist where taking pictures of... thought a celebrity lived there, turned out it was close :) We may have passed by you guys on our way to school...

Saturday Night Live addressed the Venessa issue hysterically as ever right here:

Love seeing the city through your great pics!


Ok, now I'm VERY jealous!

Ps. Unfortunately we can't watch Hulu form over here :(


so much for global internet... ok, try this youtube link, before they take it off the air: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILy0n7l3G1g

Just read your 4th day post, and your pictures are so deliciously right on, something that a talented New Yorker will shoot, not a visitor. You would be such a natural here! (crossing fingers for the hipster-husband wish :)


Haha, that's hysterical!

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